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The "Elven Nation" means different things to different people, to some an obsolete artifact of a former time, to others a hope that the balance of power will be redressed and former glory regained, but none dispute that mountainous Ilithi is where most of the world's Elves and Elotheans make their home.


Iltihi is ruled by a Council of Elders comprised of Elotheans and Elves.


Compiled by GameMaster Godrich prior to September, 2007

Ilithi is a province that covers in excess of 150,000 square miles, of which approximately 30,000 square miles are mountainous, leaving 120,000 of inhabitable land. Just looking at Shard will tell you that this province is at the upper end of the scale. There are references in books in the game libraries that state that Shard is not the largest city in Ilithi as well. So, we'll give Ilithi a density of 51 people per square mile, which results in the following population:
Total Population -- 6,120,000
Rural -- 5,355,000
Urban -- 765,000
Shard -- 200,000
Fayrin's Rest -- 1,000
Steelclaw Clan -- 6,000
Horse Clan -- 7,000
Unknown cities/towns/villages -- 550,500

Towns and Communities


Shard Area Graphic

Ilithi's grand capital and residence of Elanthia's most powerful and visible political figure, Ferdahl and Speaker Kukalakai. A city of towers and wonders, a true feast for the eyes that no world traveler should miss.


Undershard Area Graphic

Unfortunately, Shard has a dark underbelly. Below street level lies the remains of the old pre-Dragon Priest Shard, as well as a network of tunnels and caverns known only by the criminal element that takes refuge there.

Steelclaw Clan

Steelclaw Clan Area Graphic

Steelclaw Clan is an outpost of Elven warriors and barbarians. The local is most famous for hosting what is perhaps the finest weapon shop in all the lands.

Fayrin's Rest

Fayrin's Rest Area Graphic

The small wood elf and halfling town of Fayrin's Rest northeast of Shard hosts many interesting landmarks. Most notable of these is an obelisk dedicated to Aurilae Cui'Gweld, a heroic bard who enterained a troll general and his troops long enough to delay their attack until reinforcements could arrive to protect the town.

Obsidian Pass

Obsidian Pass Area Graphic

Obsidian Pass is the only safe passage through the Dragonspine Mountains which divides the continent separating Shard from Leth Deriel and The Crossing. The pass is marred by a great chasm which can only be crossed by gondola. Extra care should be taken at night in this area when the vicious snowbeasts come out to hunt.

Chyolvea Tayeu'a

Chyolvea Tayeu'a Area Graphic

Situated at the highest pass of the Dragon Spine Mountains, this lonely fortress remains aloof from the rest of civilization. Few people know the way there. Fewer know the secrets it harbors within.

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