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Roundtime is the in-game term for the activity lockout timer that is incurred when certain actions are performed. Some actions will always incur a roundtime, such as swinging a weapon in combat or perceiving mana streams; some actions will never incur a roundtime (roleplaying verbs etc) and others may or may not incur roundtime depending on the player's skill and success in performing the action (climbing, tending wounds etc). Additionally, some actions may only be taken when the player is not under roundtime and others may be taken whether in roundtime or not.

During roundtime an adventurer is vulnerable to attack since he or she can not properly retaliate or escape until the roundtime has elapsed.

Frequently abbreviated as RT.

Melee Weapon Roundtimes

There are multiple variables that go into determine the Roundtime of any given weapon:

  1. Weapon class (light/medium/heavy/twohanded)
  2. Balance and Suitedness of the weapon (see appraisal to convert appraisal text to number form)
  3. Strength and Agility of the individual

The closest equation to express this relationship is:

Effective Strength = ((Strength x Suitedness) + (Agility x Balance)) / (Suitedness + Balance)

See the TALK page for some charts with common weapon weights and expected RTs based upon one's Effective Strength.

Minimum Roundtimes for Melee Weapons per Attack Type

  1. Edged and blunt weapons share identical roundtimes for any given weight of weapon.
  2. Special abilities may allow certain guilds to attain RTs below the minimum.
  3. Numerous kinds of attacks share the same roundtimes as well:
  • JAB and FEINT share a roundtime
  • DRAW is a unique attack
  • SLICE, SWING, THRUST, SLAM and PUMMEL all share a roundtime
  • CHOP, BASH, LUNGE and SWEEP all share a roundtime

Type Jab Draw Slice Chop
Light 1 2 2-3* 2-3*
Medium 1 2 3 3
Heavy 2 3 4 4
Twohanders** 2 3 4 5

* There is unavoidable variability between 2 and 3 second RTs for these attacks with Light weaponry
** Includes polearms and staves

Minimum Roundtimes for Brawling per Attack Type (Non-Grappled)

Claw Elbow Gouge Kick Punch Slap
2 2 1 3 2 2

Minimum Roundtimes for Brawling per Attack Type (Grappled)

Tackle Grab Bite Knee Claw Elbow Gouge Punch
3 3 2 2 2 2 1 2

Minimum Roundtimes for Thrown Weapons per Attack Type

Type Lob Throw Hurl
Heavy Thrown 2 3 4
Light Thrown 1 2 3