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The pay command can be used to check which cities have debt collection offices in the province you're currently in and pay any debts you have incurred when standing inside a debt collection office

Debts may also be paid remotely using urchin runners via the BANK command.


  • PAY: You can pay off your debts for the province of Zoluren at any of the fine debt collector's offices located in The Crossing or Leth Deriel. (example)
  • PAY <AMOUNT>: To pay a specific amount of your debt when standing in a collection office or via urchin runner.
  • PAY ALL: To pay your debt in entirety. Doesn't require input of a coin amount.

Use this command while at a debt collector's office to pay off your local debt. If you have an arrangement with the urchin runners, you may also use the BANK DEBT option to pay remotely.

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