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The Breaking and Entering system allows individuals or groups to enter properties to steal items and gain experience. The system entered the Test server in 433 (January 2020) and was released to all 3 instances in 433 (February 2020).


  • The system takes advantage of the BURGLE verb. It should only work in justice areas that are outdoors.
  • There is an AVOID !CRIME setting, which prevents people from leading you into a B&E instance, even if you're in their group.
  • Thieves will want to make use of some Khri. There are three Khri that give an advantage:
  • Khri Slight has a skill-based chance to protect you from mistakes made due to a mistake while entering.[1]
  • Khri Plunder will increase the odds of getting something from a SEARCH.[2]
  • Khri Hasten reduces the RT of searching.[3]
  • Survival skillset placement has a significant impact in multiple ways, including chance to find a piece of loot from a surface and cooldown.


  • Failure is determined by the player doing something wrong, there is no random "snake eyes" failure.
  • The fine for being caught can potentially be quite high.
  • Fines scale linearly based on circle, and it's less than the 2 plat per circle. Your overall criminal history also plays a part in the calculations of fines.
  • People get outrageous fines because they fail to PLEAD INNOCENT (stop trying that, it's a bad idea without lots of Charisma) and have lots of priors that haven't fallen off.
  • Getting caught in Clan Justice (e.g. Knife Clan) will result in your right hand being chopped off. If your hand is already missing the guards will execute you.
  • Stay out of sight. Either dark of night, stealth or invisibility is required to enter via BURGLE. You can safely move around unhidden inside. (You won't learn additional stealth while searching surfaces unless you're hidden or invisible.)
  • Don't linger. Unless you're a very fast Thief using all the Khri advantages, you don't have time to get loot out of every room.
  • Don't do it too often. There's a message when the cooldown expires. You will automatically fail and be arrested if you BURGLE while under the cooldown timer.
  • Watch your inventory count. If you are 10 or fewer items from your inventory limit you will automatically fail.
  • Paladins: you will learn Thievery via BURGLE, even if you don't take anything inside the domicile.
  • Put/send away all vanity pets and Ranger companions before you burgle. Breaking and entering will eat them.
  • You will auto fail if there is a guard in the room when you burgle, or when you exit through the window.

Subscription Levels

  • Premium subscription provides a few bonuses. It reduces cooldown and increases chance of loot slightly.
  • F2P Characters don't grant extra rooms, and they don't grant lower cooldown for better survival skillset placement. They also have a very low chance of finding loot, even using Khri. F2P Characters also must be wary of item counts. If you are close to your item limit, the system will automatically throw you in jail with the message "The sheer amount of your gear causes local law enforcement to take notice of your criminal intent."

Getting In and Getting Out

  • You need some method of entry, either a lockpick, lockpick ring, or a heavy rope. This will determine the entry method experience you get.
  • A lockpick or lockpick ring will train Locksmithing on success.
  • A heavy rope will train Athletics on success.
  • The item in your right hand will take precedence. If you are wearing a lockpick ring and holding a rope, the rope will be used.
  • If both a lockpick ring and rope are worn, and neither is held in the hand, the lockpick ring will be used.
  • To exit a burglarized domicile, return to the kitchen (where you always enter) and GO WINDOW.
  • Groups need to enter together (otherwise you'd go to separate microsegs). After that, you can split up.


  • Entry method experience is granted on exit.
  • You get half experience if you are caught in the home, or exit the home with a guard in the room you started in.
  • You gain additional experience from SEARCHing or RUMMAGEing through each surface in the rooms, Thievery and Stealth (if you're hidden/invisible).
  • Note: you will receive this experience for the action; it is not dependent on finding an item to award the EXP.
  • As per GM Javac, "You do not get experience for finding nothing. You can search/rummage again on that container to try and find something."
  • Note: if you fail to find something on a surface, you can re-search/re-rummage it to try again, with an equal chance to pick something up the 2nd time. However, only 1 item may be picked up per surface, per BURGLE, so move onto another room if you find an item.
  • Survival primary behaves slightly differently. Each Survival primary increases the entry method experience. Entering with a group of 3 or more survival primes will allow you to learn both athletics and locksmithing entry method skills in the same burgle.
  • Exiting the home provides Stealth experience based on skillset placement. Survival primary characters receive 17/34 Stealth upon exit; all others receive ~8.5/34.

Cooldown Times

Standard Acct
Premium Acct
Thieves 60 min 25 min 20 min
Survival Primary 60 min 30 min 25 min
Survival Secondary 60 min 40 min 35 min
Survival Tertiary + Commoners 60 min 50 min 45 min
Paladin 60 min 60 min 55 min

Your entire group uses the best time, and your entire group benefits from a premium character in your group.

  • Having a Premium character in your group, regardless of their skillset placement, reduces the cooldown by five minutes.
  • As an example, if a Premium Bard (Survival Tertiary) and a Standard Thief were to burgle together in a group, both characters would have a 20 minute cooldown. (Standard Thief = 25 minutes, -5 minutes for a Premium character.)

Cooldown is in real life time, logged in and/or out.

Checking Cooldown

You can use BURGLE RECALL to determine how long you should wait. There is also a HELP option, so HELP VERB BURGLE as well as BURGLE HELP will give you this information. Additionally, you will receive the following message when the cooldown timer is up:

A tingling on the back of your neck draws attention to itself by disappearing, making you believe the heat is off from your last break in.

If you attempt to BURGLE before your cooldown timer is up, you will immediately be charged with a crime and taken into custody if you attempt to do it in a justice zone.

Rooms and Loot

  • All houses contain a Kitchen and a Bedroom.
  • Each primary skillset characters, with the exception of Paladins and F2P characters, will unlock a different room.
  • Free accounts do not unlock additional rooms, regardless of their skillset placement.
  • Paladins can BURGLE at the risk of learning thievery, but will not unlock any additional rooms.
  • Example: having a Moon Mage and a Barbarian will unlock two additional rooms, the Sanctum and the Armory.
  • Non-F2P Survival primary also behaves slightly differently, with each Survival primary in the group unlocking a random room that isn't already unlocked.
  • Example: a Thief, Necromancer, or Ranger operating alone will enter a domicile with three rooms (the Kitchen, the Bedroom, and... something else).
  • Example: having a Moon Mage and a Thief will unlock two additional rooms. The Moon Mage will unlock the Sanctum. The Thief will (randomly) unlock one of the remaining choices, either the Armory, Library or Work Room.
  • If you have every room unlocked, and extra non-F2P survival primes who don’t have a room to randomly unlock, they will instead add some time to the microseg.
Room Searchable Surface Unlocked by Primary Skillset Notes
Kitchen counter All The exit room. Always present, regardless of guild.
  • Loot focuses on Alchemy tools, kitchen-themed weapons and armor, kitchen-themed toys and random food & drink items.
Bedroom bed All Always present, regardless of guild.
  • Loot focuses on Locksmithing trainers, along with verbed clothing, jewelry & toys with Zoluren famous faces & places themes.
Armory rack Weapon Primary Survival Primary guilds can randomly unlock this room.
  • Loot focuses on weapons, armor, shields & ammo.
Library bookshelf Lore Primary Survival Primary guilds can randomly unlock this room.
Sanctum desk Magic Primary Survival Primary guilds can randomly unlock this room.
  • Loot focuses on cambrinth & gaethzen items, memory orbs, telescopes, cases & divination tools, belt-worn skinning knives and single-use enchanted items (minion identification, backtrace, etc.).
Work Room table Commoners Survival Primary guilds can randomly unlock this room.
  • Loot focuses on crafting system tools & consumable products (oil, pins, etc.), lockpick rings and crafting-themed containers.


  • in testing cunning seems to decrease my fine but this needs more testing


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