Tembeg's Armory

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Tembeg Armory.jpg
Tembeg's Armory
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Tembeg
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Tembeg's Armory, Salesroom]
This shop is filled with a goodly array of armor of all the more popular types. Tembeg himself, a Gor'Tog of some skill at ironwork and smithing, believes in plain but serviceable goods. Simple of speech, he prefers direct deals to bargaining and haggling. Good armor at good prices is Tembeg's motto. You may not find the latest fashions in engraved jousting plate, but you will find good, honest metal and sturdy workmanship.
You also see an obsidian knight decked in plate armor with several things on it, a wide counter with brigandine armor with several things on it, a large rack hung with chain armor with several things on it, a box of leather armor, several hooks laden with shields with several things on it, a bucket of viscous gloop, a pedestal, a narrow doorway and a VERY prominent sign.
Obvious exits: out.

A VERY prominent sign reads:

Strength training through doorway.  Go doorway, then go bellows room, you get good workout!  Sweaty, strong like Tembeg!
On the obsidian knight decked in plate armor
Item Price Done
bascinet - head/eyes 75   
light plate aventail - neck 87   
plate vambraces - arms 100   
light plate greaves - legs 212   
light full plate - torso/arms/legs 1,350   
metal armet - head/eyes/neck 75   
plate fauld - abdomen 400   
plate gauntlets - hands 62   
On the wide counter with brigandine armor
Item Price Done
metal scale helm - head/neck 62   
metal scale balaclava - head/eyes/neck 62   
metal scale aventail - neck 81   
metal scale vambraces - arms 87   
metal scale gloves - hands 50   
metal scale tasset - abdomen 318   
metal scale shirt - torso/arms 393   
metal scale greaves - legs 206   
metal scale hauberk - torso/arms/legs 1,337   
On the large rack hung with chain armor
Item Price Done
metal chain helm - head/neck 58   
metal chain balaclava - head/eyes/neck 58   
metal chain aventail - neck 75   
metal chain vambraces - arms 81   
metal chain gloves - hands 43   
metal chain tasset - abdomen 312   
metal chain shirt - torso/arms/abdomen 387   
metal chain hauberk - torso/arms/legs 1,331   
metal chain greaves - legs 200   
In the box of leather armor
Item Price Done
rugged greaves - legs 193   
rugged leathers - torso/arms/legs 1,325   
rugged leather jerkin - torso 381   
rugged leather tasset - abdomen 312   
rugged gloves - hands 31   
rugged leather aventail - neck 68   
rugged leather mask - eyes 68   
rugged vambraces - arms 75   
rugged leather cowl - head/eyes/neck 56   
On the several hooks laden with shields
Item Price Done
metal target shield - small (trivial hindrance) 250   !!
metal oval shield - medium (mild hindrance) 312   !!
metal kite shield - large (noticeable hindrance) 437   !!
metal tower shield - large (significant hindrance) 562   !!