DragonRealms Updates (2013)

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A page to assist returning players.


  • DragonRealms 3.0 released.
  • Recalls released to everyone. (Post)



  • Added a skill-based warning when cambrinth link is about to drop.
  • Invoking a cambrinth item will reset the link expiration.
  • Airship added that travels between Langenfirth and M'Riss.
  • Renown scrolls rereleased for Empaths, Clerics,
  • A link is no longer needed to teach Empathy skill.
  • You can now enter the vaults with a bleeder.


  • P2 Necromancer guild opened
  • Hider item rewrite. Most item hiders now work with each other.
  • People falsely accused of necromancy now have a short window to leave town before being charged.
  • Resurrection magics have a chance to save scrolls and will retain some field experience. (Post)


  • Additional Necromancer guild(s) released.
  • Naphtha rewritten to cover specific areas and ignite differently.
  • Seating areas enhanced with new commands. (Post)



  • New thief ambush released.
  • Thief confidence is not completely tanked when being resurrected. Amount retained is based on number of favors.
  • Notifications of skill bonuses added to the EXPERIENCE output via the MODS modifier. (Post)
  • New Alchemy craft, Remedies is released. (Post)


  • New crafting storage options, deed and tool storage, released. (Post)
  • Ocan's Bait and Tackle opens in Fang Cove.
  • Some fishing record boards updated to have local catch lists.
  • Some Trader-financed gem and furrier shops are updated to allow 10 Traders to finance at a time.
  • A small mining area added to the Frozen Heavens.
  • Skinning and foraging Tasks updated. (Post)
  • Sapphire Prisms have been rewritten and now can be used on others.