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The STEAL command is used to steal from shops and players.


  • STEAL <item> - Will steal the indicated item from a shop.
  • STEAL <player/npc> (<coin/gem>) - Will steal from the specified player or NPC.


Using the steal command can result in various levels of success or failure. Shop and NPC stealing teaches the Stealing skill based on the level of difficulty of the item or the npc's perceptiveness.

For shop stealing, a success results in getting the item requested, whereas for PC and NPC stealing, coins or gems are stolen. The difficulty of a shop stealing attempt is based on the appraisal value of the item and its weight, although the exact formula for item difficulty is not known. Failure results in various criminal charges as part of the Justice System depending on the kind of stealing (shop, npc or pc).

A general <steal (player)> command will try and grab for gems first, if there are any available to be stolen, then try for coins if there are no gems. A clever person can protect all the coins they are carrying by having an open gem pouch full of glass pebbles. In response, someone with enough stealing skill is able to choose between coins or gems when they steal from a player. The syntax for this is <steal (player) coin> or <steal (player) gem>.


Stealing from PCs will result in being locked PvP open for 4 hours.

>steal <player>
As you begin to reach towards <Player>, you hesitate.
[Stealing from another player signifies your willingness to engage in Player versus Player conflict, and as such will set and lock your PvP stance Open. If you're sure, perform the action again in the next fifteen seconds. If you don't understand what this means, type PROFILE HELP PVP.]
>steal <player>
[Your profile setting has been locked Open for at least the next four hours. Further player stealing will reset this timer but not message you.]
You silently work your way toward <Player>.

Each time you steal from another PC, the timer is reset to 4 hours from that moment. When the timer expires, you will be set back to your previous PvP stance.

Your time for being forced PvP OPEN has ended. You have been set back to GUARDED and will not be able to change it for 24 hours.

Note: If you steal from another PC during the 24-hour period following your locked-open period, you will be set back to PvP OPEN for whatever remains of the original 24-hour timer. This is intended[1].