Knife Clan

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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: Approximately 1,000
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: Trefan Iltesh
Dominant Race: Gor'Tog
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Trog Donrag
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: Botolf

Overview Description: Knife Clan is a village of skilled metalworkers and weaponsmiths. However, their art is somewhat marred by their backwoods reputation so much so that more civilized traders scoff at the mere consideration of dealing with their wares. Still, the stubborn Gor'Togs manage to eke out a living and survive.

The Knife Clan is a secretive Gor'Tog raiding clan hidden in the depths of Zoluren. The clan is a squalid place, with large portions built into caves in the adjacent mountainside.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Knife Clan is run by Boss Trog.

Prominent people


Locations about town


Unique shops and services


Prominent hangouts

Important activities


Favors are available in the shrine of Huldah.

Task givers




  • Knife Clan has a Togball team and is the current holder of the Togball Trophy.
  • There is a unopenable gate to an unknown area.

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