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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: 40,000
Established: 891 BL
Alternate Names: Theren
Dominant Race: Human
Dominant Guild: Paladin
Government: Baron Gyfford
Guild Halls: Paladin
Patron Deity: None



Therenborough is the capital city of the Barony of Therengia. While not as populous or as commercially important as Riverhaven, the Therengian spirit of maintaining the ways of the old Seven Star Empire finds its purest expression in Therenborough. Description: In Therenborough, one can experience a taste of the former glory and pageantry of the Seven Star Empire. The city has formed around what was and still is Theren Keep, a great stronghold of civilization. Many consider Therenborough to be the land's finest example of true culture.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

As the provincial capital, Therenborough and the surrounding lands are ruled directly by the Baron. The Theren family's seat is Theren Keep, located in the northern end of town.

Prominent People


Locations About Town

List of Therenborough Triage Locations


Founded in 757 BL by Cedric Gealeranendae, the Gealeranendae College of Magical History is one of the oldest instutions of magical education and research in the Five Provinces. Among its rare manuscripts and artifacts are the Tear of Grazhir Dinegavren and a piece of the Suur Pillar. The Theren Theater hosts performances attended by nobility and commoner alike, and Therenburghers find a trip to the public baths to be a relaxing way to spend a day. For those with more sporting tastes, warriors from across the Barony do battle in the famous Ampitheater, and jousts and feats of archery are regularly held in the Baronial Tournament Arena. Just a short walk south of the Ampitheater, subjects of the Baron can take a break from the bustle of city life and avail themselves of the amenities located in Telomin Hall. Many shops are located in the Northern District of town, located through Kaudric's Gate. Severly damaged over the Barony's history of warfare, the district was rebuilt by Jeladric IV with funds gained from a trade agreement with the Merelew. The Morzindu Trigomas has a townhouse in the area as well, located just south of Ibec Hall, home to the bureaucratic functions necessary to keep the government running smoothly.

Unique Shops and Services

Traders can have handbills advertising their skills and wares printed by Chispin's Handbills. The S'lai Krrish sells prediction tools preferred by the Nomads of the Arid Steppe and Prophets of G'nar Peth. Courtly Styles and Fit for a Baron feature the latest styles in fashion at court.


List of Shops in Therenborough

Bars, Inns, and Taverns

The martial nature of the town precludes the establishment of many alehouses, but a fine meal can be had at The Baron's Table. The Baron and Trigomas family keep their chefs busy with a neverending supply of delicacies available for their guests enjoyment, along with a wide variety of beverages to quench their thirst. Travelers find the Therenborough Inn, located in an out of the way part of town east of the town's chapel, to be a quiet place to spend the evening.

Prominent Hangouts

Citizens and adventurers gather at the quadrangle two paces north of the town gate to gather and hear speakers address the crowd. The Therengian Cavalry also makes their home in an outpost near the town stables.

Important Activities

Passports for travel past Fornsted to Hvaral and Muspar'i and registration for citizenship in Therengia are located in Ibec Hall.


  • Chadatru grants favors at the Chapel of Chadatru in Theren Keep.
  • Rutilor grants favors in the basement of Theren Keep.
  • Firulf grants favors at the Gealeranendae College in a storage room in the lowest part of the college.

Task Givers


One of the Paladin glyph quests involves traveling to Theren Keep.



The Breech Tunnels, created by Dwarven sappers besieging Theren Keep during the Therengia-Kwarlog War, are now overrun with gigantic spiders. Their webs are known to ensnare the unwary traveler seeking a back entrance into the keep.