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Tuesday Tidings 14 · on 05/26/2020 19:26 1745
Scouts are reporting that the cabalists within the Arthelun ruins have begun clearing debris, and their efforts have revealed a narrow crevice into a fallen building! Guardsmen and warders were dispatched by the Estate Holder Council to secure the area, and their scouts are urgently requesting assistance in containing this expanding threat!

Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!

Strike team is back with another small hunting update this week. There's a new crevice within the Arthelun cabalists' hunting area near Dirge leading to a small Premium-only expansion. These match their counterparts in the existing area -- roughly level 163 (by our evaluation tools), no variations higher/lower. Big thanks to Ulerith for the area and Tullie for the QC!

An interesting discovery while poking at this. GM Raesh included a scoreboard when he originally made them...

The scoreboard reads: Cabalists - 185 Bad Guys - 3344857.

Since their release in 2013, you guys have had a .0055% death rate against cabalists. Clearly, we'll have to look into buffing them in the future. ;) (I kid...mostly. Maybe!)

Next week is a mystery! We have a few things lined up in the pipes, but aren't sure what order we're going with yet! We will probably be avoiding a Premium-specific release next week, though, since last week's homes and this week's hunting were geared towards our Premium players. Anything is possible, though, so stay tuned and see!

Zadraes (for the team!)

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