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News Article from the Province Release


West of Zoluren and Ilithi are the Himineldar Shel or "Skyfire Mountains". They are home to the Dwarven nation centered at the capital of Forfedhdar, Hibarnhvidar, and the outposts of Ain Ghazal and Raven's Point. Forfedhdar itself is more properly the home to two Kingdoms, one centered at Hibarnhvidar and the second in Kwarlog.


The province itself has a provincial government called the Forfedhdar Conclave. There are different factions that "rule" exclusive to their areas and only gather for matters that affect the whole province. They were the group that sent the Dwarves and Togs to the other provinces during the plague and Dragon Priest invasions that 'rediscovered' the province. There are few occasions that they meet.

Inner Hibarnhvidar is run by the Dwarves and represented by a King, while Outer Hibarnhvidar is run by the Gor'Togs. Their leader is currently also the owner of The Three Turnips.

Boar Clan is run by the current Ranger Guildleader. At this time it is Paglar.

Raven's Point, is also Dwarvish. The leader and General of Raven's Point is Bazrid.

Ain Ghazal is run by the Rose Sisters, who are renowned for their arbitration skills. The leader of the Sisters is the Lyba Khalo, which becomes both her title and name upon receiving the position. The Conclave meets in the Chamber on Ain Ghazal when needed.

The Nomads live upon the Arid Steppe. Their external affairs are represented by Moon Mage Guildleader Cherulisa.


Cities and Clans


Hibarnhvidar Area Graphic

According to Master Cartographer Benkero, Hibarnhvidar is a wonder of Dwarven engineering. Enormous waterwheels put the Segoltha River to work, providing fresh water throughout the city. However, these claims have not been verified, and Benkero has encountered difficulty in organizing and funding an expedition.

Boar Clan

Forfedhdar Area Graphic

Boar Clan is a settlement of Gor'Tog and Dwarf Rangers in the Paasvadh Forest north of Hibarnhvidar.

Vela'tohr Valley

Asketi's power as Mistress of Barren Fields is evident in Vela'Tohr Woods, stemming from the massive stone Temple of the North Wind perched so high upon Asketi's Mount that it rests above the clouds in a permanent winter. The tangle surrounding the mountain, navigable via the Adder's Coil trail, is as blighted as it is wholly dangerous to all who would dare enter.

Raven's Point

Forfedhdar Area Graphic

Raven's Point is an outpost in the valley of the Himineldar Shel mountains. Stout warriors man the Gear Gate, the southern entrance to Forfedhdar, and protect the province from the incursions of the nearby Dragon Priests of the Black Spire.

Ain Ghazal

Forfedhdar Area Graphic

Ain Ghazal is perched on a towering island in the middle of the Segoltha River. It is governed by the Sisterhood of the Rose from their chateau at the peak of the island.

Arid Steppe

Located in the depths of the otherwise flat Arid Steppe, the Trabe Plateau can be seen for miles all around. It is crowned by giant, hollow columns of crystal that glow silvery-blue at night. It is the site of an ancient tribal massacre, when the D'Reathor slaughtered all the men of the Trabe on a single winter night. Cherulisa, a Guildleader of the Moon Mage Guild and the nominal leader of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe, claims the Trabe Plateau as her guildhall and uses it as a symbol of unity among the tribes.

Nenav Dalar

Nenav Dalar Area Graphic

An ancient Dwarven village, Nenav Dalar once thrived on mining and the trade of exotic goods. In recent years, no word at all has been heard from the village or any of its inhabitants.