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Tuesday Tidings 1 · on 02/25/2020 21:00 1718
Greetings, adventurers!

It's Tuesday, which means we have something new for you! ...wait, what? Ok, let's talk about that!

In no particular order, GMs Tullie, Ulerith, Cordulia, and Haros joined me to create a new voluntary strike team. This team functions in addition to our existing teams and responsibilities, not in place of. As much as possible, we will build and QC within the team to avoid pulling others from their duties. Our goal is to push out regular small updates each week, usually on Tuesdays. Emphasis on small. We're not looking to write-or-rewrite entire systems or do big sweeping overhauls. Instead, we're tackling things like adding new items to a shop, a new TASK, a new-or-expanded hunting area, etc. Sometimes, it may be as simple as a QoL verb update. Not every project we tackle will be for everyone -- some may be for high level characters, some may be for Premium, or Plat, or The Fallen, or any other subset group players find themselves in!

As GMs, it's often easy for us to lose sight of these little things while focusing on the big overhauls, or the MT events, or the million other parts of GMing that eat up time. We think, "Oh that's small, I can knock that out tomorrow...", but tomorrow never seems to come. The strike team's aim is for US to release something from these small projects each week, and for you guys to have something to look forward to each week.

Each member of the team is taking a turn at picking a project. Our initial projects are things we've had on to-do lists for a while, but haven't found the time to do them. Some of them are suggestions from players! I won't promise this will be a forever thing, but we do have months of projects planned, many already proposed and approved (but not fully finished), already. For as long as time allows, we intend to have something new every Tuesday.

Having rambled all of that as background, let's talk about the first release!

Tullie picked this week's project. We've added 10 new items to the TF Extreme Shop! This is a TF-only update available NOW, so go find the shop or start saving!

  • a cracked leather shoulder satchel with a tarnished clockwork mechanism for its clasp
Crossing backpack stacker, contains 0, can hold up to 50. 2.5 plat.
  • a simple leather arm pouch with a scorched depiction of a potency crystal
Potency crystal stacker, contains 10, can hold up to 50. 30,000 plat.
  • a triangular sipar emblazoned with a trussing boobrie
T5 small shield with T1/G1 electric flare. 2,000 plat.
  • a silversteel war shield inlaid with a sable cockatrice
T5 large shield with T1/G1 electric flare. 4,400 plat.
  • a gleaming silversteel dueling sabre with an ornate hilt set with blood rubies
T8 void weapon (ME), lasts 180 days. 18,950 plat.
  • a hefty dragonwood-hafted greataxe with a bearded windsteel blade
T8 void weapon (2HE), lasts 180 days. 18,950 plat.
  • an enormous steel mallet painted with a red and black harlequin pattern
T8 void weapon (MB), lasts 180 days. 18,950 plat.
  • a thick blood-red book titled "How to skin a Prydaen..."
Fully unlocked anatomy chart book. 15,000 plat.
  • a polished sungold codpiece secured with straps of diamond-hide leather
Omnihider. 36,000 plat.
  • a heavy cambrinth war belt inlaid with crimson moonsilver
75 mana wearable cambrinth. 1,000 plat.

While poking, some issues were found with a cambrinth pouch previously available in the shop. It was removed. Otherwise, in the interest of not getting bogged down in a big review and overhaul, we didn't tamper with existing inventory. If there are things in the existing inventory you're interested in, make the effort to acquire them. A full review and update isn't off the table down the line, but we didn't want to hold up new items until or if that happened. Likewise, the strike team may do another small round of additions later on -- this isn't necessarily the 'only' updates you'll ever get, just what we put together for this week!

We'll have a new update next Tuesday. No spoilers, you'll have to wait and see what we have in store, but as a tease: Premium players of a particular level should enjoy it!

Zadraes (on behalf of the team!)

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