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The logging or lumberjack system is used to produce wood for engineering and other crafts. Lumberjacking trains Outdoorsmanship skill, Perception skill, and Appraisal skill.


The following weapons can be used for lumberjacking. The higher the slice of the weapon, the greater chance of roundtime reduction when you CHOP TREE.

  • Axes: Weapons with the noun "axe", "greataxe", or "broadaxe" can be used to fell trees. Crafted weapons with the most slice include the double axe, greataxe, and battle axe.
  • Hatchets: Weapons with the noun "hatchet" will also work to fell trees. This includes the crafted hatchet.


Survey the Grove

The first step to logging is to find an appropriate area and WATCH FOREST to determine what trees can be found there.

WATCH FOREST allows you to see what type of grove, which type of lumber (identifying lumber requires an average of 200 ranks in Perception, Outdoorsmanship, and Appraisal), and how much material is left to be logged in a given room. Successful use of WATCH FOREST trains Appraisal skill, Perception Skill, and Outdoorsmanship.

WATCH FOREST DANGER will allow an attempt to make a dangerous situation safer in any single room (see Dangers below). It is recommended to do this between every CHOP TREE. Successful use of WATCH FOREST DANGER trains Perception skill.

WATCH FOREST CAREFULLY will allow an attempt to locate more material. A successful WATCH FOREST CAREFULLY will increase the number of available resources in the room, but can only be performed once. It is recommended not to do this until you reach "a scattering of resources" when you WATCH FOREST.

The materials that can be found are entirely dependent on the climate of the area.


Once you have located suitable area, hold your axe in either hand (other hand must be empty), simply proceed to CHOP TREE. CHOP TREE trains Outdoorsmanship skill.

Trees take a number of chops to fall, after which they can produce several pieces of wood on subsequent chops. You can receive various sizes of wood pieces which include:

Wood sizes

Size Pieces
Stick 1
Branch 2
Limb 3
Log 4
Thick Log 5

You can determine the number of pieces in prepared lumber using COUNT LUMBER.

Material Storage

Once a material is found that is worth keeping, either pick it up by hand, or PUSH it to the side to have a nearby attendant store it for a small fee. If attendants are not available in the logging location, deed packets purchased from any crafting society allow deeding of materials by PUSHing the material with the packet. Note that deed packets will require ten minutes to pass before the material becomes available for use within any crafting society.

Attendants charge 10% of the material's appraised value, while deeds from a packet cost a flat 1 silver lirum per deed. For more valuable materials, it's cheaper to use a packet even if attendants are available.

By far, the cheapest way to store materials after lumberjacking is to stow all the wood harvested from a location, process it, combine it, and deed the entire pile. This means an entire location can be deeded for the price a single silver lirum. The amount of material harvested from an area is dependent on your Outdoorsmanship skill.

Refining Wood

Once you have raw material (sticks, branches, limbs, or logs) you can turn it into lumber using the following process:

  1. With a wood saw in your right hand and your stick/branch/limb/log in your left:
  2. Repeat step 1 two more times.
  3. Stow your wood saw and get your drawknife.
  4. Repeat step 3 two more times.

You can COMBINE stacks of lumber together and deed the lumber. With a deed packet in one hand and your lumber in the other PUSH MY LUMBER WITH MY PACKET.


The more activity in a given area, the greater the chance of a mishap. The type of dangers is practically dependent upon the stone type of the area.

The dangers have a variety of results, such as either direct damage, outright death, or just destruction of all chop-able materials in the area.

"Mining and Lumberjacking are dangerous. But you can completely avoid the danger 100% of the time if you slow down.

The danger messaging occurs a number of seconds after the danger spawns. If you immediately chop back-to-back, you may miss it and trigger the disaster (or make it worse)."


  • Room Message: You notice an unusual smell drifting through the area.
  • WATCH FOREST Message: Studying the forest, you are certain that continued lumberjacking will be slightly dangerous because an unusual smell hints at an explosion danger.
  • Fail message: Chopping towards the tree, your hurling axe accidentally collides with nearby stone, setting off a blast that launches debris flying in all directions. The shatterd tree clips your head as it falls, sending the whole world black!
The world slowly comes into focus again, followed swiftly by a throbbing headache.
End up prone with an internal head bleeder/external head cuts & bruises

--- Also ---

  • Room Message: Unknown
  • WATCH FOREST Message: Studying the forest, you are certain that continued lumberjacking will be slightly dangerous because an unusual smell hints at an explosion danger.
  • Fail message: >chop tree

You swing your {axe} towards the tree and and are rewarded with a detonation of sharp wood fragments! Jagged wood lodges into you, leaving bloody gashes and quickly deepening bruises, while the force of the impact knocks you clear off your feet. It would appear you missed some caustic fungus growing around the trunk. Roundtime: 16 sec.

Short stun, External and internal bleeders


  • Room Message: A loud cracking sound resonates from somewhere closeby.
  • WATCH FOREST Message: Studying the forest, you are certain that continued lumberjacking will be slightly dangerous because the trees look unsound and in danger of collapse.
  • Fail message: The trunk suddenly snaps and begins to topple towards you. Your footing gives way as you stumble backwards and right into its path. The loud thud of the tree bouncing against your the ground seems other-wordly loud. The peaceful sound of the forest that replaces it would be comforting, if only you were able to move! Although unharmed, the rolling trunk has you pinned solidly in place.
The thick tree trunk shifts, further constraining your movement.
The weight of the trunk pressing in seems to squeeze the air out of your lungs.
The remaining air seems stale and your labored breathing rasps loudly in your own ears.
You can feel your vision narrowing.
Breathing becomes continually more challenging. If someone doesn't help you soon, you may be in serious trouble.
And then death...
  • note: you are able to talk when pinned, but not yell or do any actions.

Dangerous Flora & Fauna

  • Room Message: A monotonous buzzing sound fills the air.
  • WATCH FOREST Message: Studying the forest, you are certain that continued lumberjacking will be slightly dangerous because odd noises reveal potentially dangerous insects or plants nearby.
  • Fail message: Your <axe> crashes into the wood and punches through with surprisingly little resistance. A blanket of warmness creeps up your legs and interrupts your inspection of the hollow trunk. You suddenly have trouble standing up, and notice flames teasing your kneecaps. A blanket of fire ants marches steadily higher, consuming more of your body with each step. Frantically you paw at them with now-melting hands. Like an inch-worm, you wiggle your torso away from the log. Exhausted, your prop your back up against a log and find yourself unable to breath. The whole interior of your chest sizzles and pops as though atop a bonfire. A pinprick of light is all that remains of the world before it too extinguishes entirely.
And death...

Forest Groupings

There are 4 types of forest found, with the following wood types included in each. As per GM Kodius, the materials that can be found are entirely dependent on the climate of the area. So while a wood may be included in a grouping, province & terrain influence actual availability. A post was also made by GM Kodius on wood type rarity. Additionally, rare-spawn wood sticks that are produced during the felling of a common or uncommon forest room can drop independent of the forest type group currently being harvested.

  • Boreal forests tend to be found in the coldest of climates where snowfall can be substantial. Only the heartiest of trees can survive there. Larch and Tamarak are two species of tree found there.
  • Coniferous forests tend to exist nearer areas with warm summer and cold winters. This includes drier inland areas and coastal areas seeing heavy rainfall. Many coniferous trees feature needle-like leaves that provide greater protection from the varied climate.
  • Deciduous forests are often centrally located, between the frigid boreal forests and the sweltering tropics. These forests are distinct due to the trees' leaves exhibiting a renewal cycle in time with the four seasons.
  • Tropical forests that reside in areas of high heat and rainfall. Some of these trees even live partially or completely submerged in water. Often rarer and somewhat exotic, the wood from these trees can be quite beautiful.





  • A table-formatted list with the crafting properties of each type can be found on the Woods page or the Crafting Materials page.


Grove Province Location Hunting Tree Types
NTR Wilderness Zoluren NTR near the Viper/Rock Guardian trail entrance No coniferous
Dragoon Camp Zoluren 2 rooms on the west side of the brook west of Crossing Yes tropical
Cougar Hunting Area Zoluren west of the brook out the west gate of Crossing Yes deciduous
Leth Deriel Zoluren Forest of Night Blood Nyad / Blood Dryad hunting north of Leth Deriel Yes boreal, tropical
Leth Deriel Zoluren Forest of Night Pale Grey Death Spirit hunting north of Leth Deriel Yes boreal, tropical
Silverclaw Hub Zoluren Forest of Night Dryad Priestess / Twisted Dryad outside of the Silverclaw Hub Yes boreal, tropical
Leth Deriel Zoluren Grove of the White Laurel estate holder Treehopper Toad hunting area Yes deciduous
Seordav Telga Therengia Ker'Leor Gypsy Marauder hunting area over the felled tree Yes coniferous
Gallows Woods Therengia Ker'Leor estate holder Forest Geni hunting area Yes boreal, coniferous
North Road, Beech Grove Therengia road between El Bain's Stop & Langenfirth, aka Danduwen Forest No boreal
Mistwood Forest Therengia Mistwood Forest, North Road to the rope bridge No coniferous, deciduous
Mistwood Forest Deer Trail Therengia Mistwood Forest, Warcat & Orc Bandit hunting area Yes coniferous, deciduous
Mistwood Forest Therengia Mistwood Forest, north of the river by Rossman's No coniferous, deciduous
Mistwood Forest Road Therengia Mistwood Forest, Riverhaven west gate to Nightweaver Unyn Yes coniferous, deciduous
Haven Castle Therengia Riverhaven, path out the north gate (Estate Holder area) No deciduous
Koks Laukrajas Therengia Siksraja, road outside the village path in the snake/spider hunting; southern 4 rooms Yes deciduous
Obsidian Pass Ilithi Obsidian Pass Yes coniferous, deciduous, tropical
The Gash Ilithi The Gash, snowbeast hunting north of the gondola Yes coniferous, deciduous
Undergondola Ilithi Dark Woodlands, Grizzled Red Leucro hunting & Yvhh La'tami Yes coniferous, tropical, deciduous
Dragon's Spine Ilithi Dragon's Spine, estate holder Frostweaver hunting area Yes boreal
Dragon's Breath Forest Ilithi A Dark Path, Near Jademist River, north of Shard No coniferous
Wyvern Forest Ilithi Wyvern Forest, Telga Orek hunting area Yes coniferous
Whistling Woods Ilithi Whistling Wood, Rock Troll hunting south of Shard Yes boreal
Whistling Woods Ilithi Whistling Wood, adan'f hunting area south of Shard Yes boreal
Wylder Spring Ilithi Wylder Spring, Jackal/Kobold hunting past the east gate gap Yes deciduous
Southern Trade Route Ilithi Edge of the Wood & Dragon's Breath Forest, along the road from the gondola to Shard No coniferous
Western Road Ilithi Wyvern Wood, out the Shard west gate towards Horse Clan No coniferous
Darkling Wood Ilithi Darkling Wood, Eidolon Steed hunting out the Shard south gate Yes deciduous, tropical
Fang's Shadow Ilithi Fang's Shadow, area between serpents and gremlins outside Fang Cove (Estate holder only) Yes tropical
Also: See Category:Groves.


Please use this space to document any logging system bugs. This is not an official page on which to report bugs; it is intended to be a central list for the convenience of the DR community.
To report a bug, please ASSIST or use the BUG command in-game, or post on the appropriate DR message board.
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Use drawknife typo

The log is ready to be carved with a drawknife to scrape off the bark to/and smooth its surface. Sawing it further wouldn't be productive.

Missing a "to" or an "and" or something in this sentence. --MCBRIDEJ (talk) 20:52, 14 May 2015 (CDT)

Cutting wood inside a container.

> cut limb with saw

You begin sawing the ends of the limb, removing the jagged edges from where it was chopped down.

Roundtime: 9 sec.

R> tap my limb

You tap a partially-cut bamboo limb inside your zaulguum-skin backpack.

I can cut up a limb while it is in my backpack. --MCBRIDEJ (talk) 21:52, 14 May 2015 (CDT)

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