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Note -- This page refers to the Thief Guild, for a list of disambiguities, see Thief (Disambiguation).

Returning players may want to read the page for Returning Players, and Thief Newbie Help Guide before continuing.

Thief Guild

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Primary Skillset: Survival
Secondary Skillsets: Weapon, Lore
Tertiary Skillsets: Armor, Magic
Special Abilities: Khri, Blindside, Sign, Passages, Voice throw, Slip, Contact, Lockpick carving, Poison Resistance, Mark
Mana Type: None
Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Commoner - Empath - Moon Mage

Necromancer - Paladin - Ranger - Thief - Trader - Warrior Mage

Beyond skulking in shadows and relieving the careless of their burden of coin, Thieves' superior stealth, hyper-aware senses, and familiarity with locks and traps make them valuable additions to any adventuring party.

A life in the shadows is like no other -- never above the law, but always one step in front of it.

Official Information

Guild crest: A blank charger shrouded by a concealing veil
Information courtesy of Dragonrealms Website.

Guild Hall Locations

That is a secret -- think of gaining entry to the guild as your first test.

The young snake Kalag the sly has brought order to the Guild.
Crow and Swan watch over their Den.
Kingpin Wulras runs the Musparan crime syndicate.
The Guildhall here is managed by Saishla.
The criminal element of Qi'Reshalia is overseen by Dwillig.
The Elven mistress Ivitha holds this province in an iron grip.


A Thief's primary skillset is Survival. Weapon and Lore are secondary skillsets, with Magic and Armor as tertiaries.

Crafting Affiliation

Guilded thieves receive two free technique slots in the Carving discipline of the Engineering skill and one free technique slot in the Poison discipline of the Alchemy skill.

See: Crafting

Guild Abilities

All thief abilities are considered in-game secrets.

Skill Bonusing System

Urban Bonus

This is dependent on where the thief is currently located. Thieves are most comfortable in places populated by the masses and/or with structures artificially created. SMIRK SELF can be used by a thief to discern if the location is very urban, urban, neutral, or wilderness. This portion of the thief's bonus will directly raise the effective ranks a thief will use when doing contested actions. In the wilderness the thief is working with no urban bonus so can in essence only be using base ranks. Urban bonus cannot be negative, it varies from 0 (neutral) to positive.


This is a reflection of how the guild currently views the member. Bringing heat down upon the guild by being caught breaking the law of the province will lower the reputation of the member causing the thief to be without the aid of the guild as a whole. A thief with a reputation at the lowest point will be punished when entering the guild by death. Standing in the guild can be raised with donations of stolen goods into the appropriate bins, performing a TASK for an NPC associated with the Thief Guild and by not being wanted by the law of the province.

To check reputation find the wandering guild representative in the Crossing, ASK them about REPUTATION and they will tell you for 100 copper Kronars.


"Well, here's what I've heard about you lately.
In the young snake's territory, he's personally told me how highly he regards your work.
In the birds' territory, they're basically ambivalent.
In the old serpent's territory, she doesn't have an opinion yet.
In the pencil pusher's territory, he doesn't care, one way or the other.
In the queen's territory, she hasn't taken notice of you yet.
That's all I've heard, now git!"


This is the feeling a thief has for their own skills. When a thief performs a skill successfully that is of some risk to them, they will gain confidence in their skills overall. The thief can SMIRK SELF(see SMIRK for full list of confidence messages) to tell how confident in their skills they currently are. If a thief botches a skill check that should be easy for them, confidence level will lower. A low confidence will hinder a thief's base ranks by 5% and can negate the urban bonus of where the thief is located. The bonuses to skills from high confidence and a good urban spot will stack, giving the thief a good edge on difficult tasks.

Confidence can vary from positive to negative.

  • Starting Khri now checks confidence. It is possible to not be able to use some Khri with low confidence.


Blindside is the act of surprising an opponent from hiding with a high damage attack.

This attack, when successful, causes far more damage and death than a simple ambush or weapon attack. It requires melee range, hiding, and a melee weapon.

Sign Language

A secret, thief only, language. It uses sleight of hand to communicate with other thieves. With enough perception, non-thieves may notice the hand motions. This skill is taught by the lovely assistant to the guild leader Crow


Thief-only shortcuts and hideouts found throughout several Elanthian cities. In The Crossing there are many passages spread around town, but no central hub. Shard features a large, interconnected, passage system while Riverhaven has a system which combines a small hub and many not-connected bolt-holes. The only passage in Throne City access to the rooftop of the Museum of Imperial History.


The guild has Contacts in each major city and some smaller cities that can do a variety of small tasks. For each 20 circles a Thief has they will gain the use of 1 additional contact, up to a maximum of 5. Up to 5 may be used simultaneously.

Lockpick Carving

Lockpick repair and Lockpick carving are Thief-only abilities that can be attempted beginning at 12th Circle. Lockpick carving involves creating a lockpick by carving a keyblank with a knife. The greater the Lockpicking skill and agility, the better quality of lockpick. Read more in the Lockpick Carving article.

This is slated to become an ability all guilds can engage in, with the lore system rewrite. No current date is available.


Khri is a Thief-only ability based on intense concentration that leads to surpassing normal body limitations. All guild leaders teach all Khri. "Khri" is both the singular and the plural term. Thieves acquire slots for purchasing abilities as a tertiary guild.

Khri use Concentration; each one consumes a certain amount when the ability is started, and then will consume a smaller amount each time the ability pulses. Khri have a duration determined by skill, as well as a maximum duration. A thief's ability to maintain multiple khri is determine by his concentration and supernatural skill.

Thieves have no ability to modify the concentration costs of abilities (unlike Mana-using classes)

Thieves get an additional Khri slot for being subscribers.

Please see the Thief abilities for more detailed information, including descriptions of individual khri.

Ambush Moves

Thieves have special guild-only ambush moves. These require a physical component, like dirt or a melee weapon, and usually require hiding and melee range.

Thief ambushes are taught by specific guild leaders, so a potential thief should be ready to travel.

Ambushes require a khri slot to learn.

See ambush or Thief ambushes


Slip is a command thieves share with several other guilds, including Bards, Necromancers, and Rangers. Thieves have the widest variety of options, and learn them earlier.

Voice Throw

Thieves of sufficient skill and level can use Ventriloquism in several ways. This is an ability shared with Bards, and may only be learned from a member of that guild.


Mark is a thief-only command which allows the thief to gauge the difficulty of stealing from another player, fighting an opponent, or shoplifting from a store.

See Mark for full details.

Reduced Load While Hidden

With sufficient skill, Thieves do not incur the +1 second penalty that other guilds incur for loading ranged weapons while hidden.

Important Skills

Survival Skills

Thieves need to train a minimum of 8 survival skills to advance consistently in the guild, with Stealth and Thievery skills as a Soft Requirement; meaning they can also count as Nth skills.

Some survival skills Thieves might find important:

Weapon Skills

Thieves need two weapons to advance in the guild. Most thieves would suggest one to be a Small Edged weapon user for employ in backstabbing, as well as general combat.

If not at first, by later on in a Thief's career they will probably want to train the Brawling skill and be trained in the use of either Bow skill or Crossbow skill as well.

A Thief may also want to train Light Thrown weapons if they wish to excel at throwing dirt in the face of their opponents.

Lore Skills

Three of the many lore skills are required for gaining circles as a thief. Tactics, Appraisal and Scholarship are excellent choices, as is one of the various crafting skills.

Armor Skills

Leather Armor is an excellent choice that offers good protection and light stealth hindrance. One may consider Cloth Armor to be an option as well, which is the least stealth hindering at the cost of lower absorption.

The armor for sale in Tembeg's Armory is good for new characters - it is very close to player crafted quality, at an affordable price. Most other store bought armor is not recommended, as it typically has very poor protection, very high hindrance, and is much heavier than the Tembeg sets or player crafted armor.

Magic Skills

Thieves use magic skills to power their supernatural abilities (i.e. Khri) in a manner similar to magic classes. This means they require ranks in the Augmentation, Debilitation, Inner Magic, Utility, and Warding skills. The skillset is renamed for thieves, as supernatural instead of magic, though magic is an alias.

Thieves cannot learn Targeted Magic or Attunement skill, either through guild abilities or classes. If a thief joins a class on either, he will join as though he used the 'listen observe' command, and will gain no ranks in the magic skill (instead, all of the experience is awarded to scholarship). This is done so thieves can pretend to be magic users.

Thieves can learn arcana skill from Achaedi crystals and sanowret crystals. They cannot harness mana, cast spells, charge cambrinth (although faux cambrinth exists to support disguises) or perceive mana. Thieves gain no inherent benefit or penalty from learning arcana, though it can reduce the difficulty and cost of activating some magical devices.

Thieves may use scholarship to read spell scrolls to identify them, but cannot invoke or learn them.

Thieves cannot focus on runestones to identify them. Thieves cannot activate runestones.

Guild History

Kalag Ka'Hurst founded the Zoluren Thieves Guild around the start of the Elanthian Calendar, just as the Dragon Priest war was ending. All guild leaders following have taken the name "Kalag" as their own, until the most recent leader, Varsyth, who has stated he will not follow in that tradition. Varsyth has since adopted the name Kalag the Sly.

Kalag's tale and therefore the founding of the guild is described in two books residing within the Zoluren Thieves Guild library:

The memoirs tell of how Kalag first came to River Crossing, fleeing his hometown which had been beset by famine. Kalag came across an old man being attacked in the streets and helped fight with the old man. After the encounter Kalag learned the man was a well-known locksmith named Lyanothe, who then offered to teach Kalag many skills in return for Kalag's work as a runner and business partner.

One day their hideout was discovered and Kalag proposed they move to the sewers, for its easy access to anywhere in the city and its superior defensibility from foes. Kalag and Lyanothe became well known and opened their home to locksmithing students. This band of students began cross-training each other in skills that collectively made them qualified thieves. Kalag proposed they form a Thieves Guild and bring in other members from around the town that were engaged in criminal enterprises.

Kalag planned to have the guild recognized by the city council, but then the Dragon Priest army came to town. The Thieves Guild united against the army and their cunning helped defeat the Dragon Priests. Their actions and some support from the shrewd Trader guildleader earned them official acknowledgment by the city. And thus the Zoluren Thieves Guild was formed.

Thief Council

The governing body of all Thieves Guilds in the Five Provinces. Little is known.

Major Thief Events

  • Inquisitor Anamir's discovery of the Zoluren and Therengia Thief guild halls.
  • Ishtvan's attempt to violently overthrow Kalag and install Ladoc as new Zoluren Thief Guild leader and the deal made to train Ishtvan's men in the Crossing's sewers.
  • The Thief Guild Council suspects Kalag the Black's loyalty to the Guild.
  • Zoluren General Zukir's destruction of the Zoluren Thief guild and Kalag the Black's subsequent death.
  • Varsyth, later known as Kalag the Sly appointed new Zoluren Thief Guild leader.

Thief Merchants

Circle Requirements

Skillset Skill 1-10 11-30 31-70 71-100 101-150 150+
survival Thievery 2 3 3 4 4 10
survival Stealth 2 2 3 3 4 10
survival 1st Survival 4 4 5 5 6 15
survival 2nd Survival 4 4 4 5 6 15
survival 3rd Survival 3 4 4 5 6 15
survival 4th Survival 3 4 4 5 6 15
survival 5th Survival 3 4 4 4 5 13
survival 6th Survival 2 3 4 4 5 13
survival 7th Survival 2 3 3 4 5 13
survival 8th Survival 1 2 2 3 3 8
weapons Parry Ability 1 2 2 3 3 8
weapons 1st Weapon 3 3 4 4 5 13
weapons 2nd Weapon 1 2 3 3 4 10
lore 1st Lore 1 2 3 3 4 10
lore 2nd Lore 1 2 2 3 3 8
lore 3rd Lore 1 1 2 2 3 8
armor 1st Armor 2 2 2 3 3 8
magic Inner Magic 1 2 3 3 4 10
magic 1st Magic 1 2 2 3 3 10
magic 2nd Magic 0 0 2 2 4 8

Thievery and Stealth are soft requirements (can be used toward Nth survival requirements).


Skillset Skill 10 30 70 100 150 200
survival Thievery 20 80 200 320 520 1020
survival Stealth 20 60 180 270 470 970
survival 1st Survival 40 120 320 470 770 1520
survival 2nd Survival 40 120 280 430 730 1480
survival 3rd Survival 30 110 270 420 720 1470
survival 4th Survival 30 110 270 420 720 1470
survival 5th Survival 30 110 240 390 640 1290
survival 6th Survival 20 80 200 360 610 1260
survival 7th Survival 20 80 130 320 570 1220
survival 8th Survival 10 50 130 220 370 770
survival Total Survival 220 780 1,980 3,030 5,130 10,480
weapons Parry Ability 10 50 130 220 370 770
weapons 1st Weapon 30 90 250 370 620 1270
weapons 2nd Weapon 10 50 170 260 460 960
weapons Total Weapons 40 140 420 630 1,080 2,230
lore 1st Lore 10 50 170 260 460 960
lore 2nd Lore 10 50 130 220 370 770
lore 3rd Lore 10 30 110 170 320 720
lore Total Lore 30 130 410 650 1,150 2,450
armor 1st Armor 20 60 140 230 380 780
armor Total Armor 20 60 140 230 380 780
magic Inner Magic 10 50 170 260 460 960
magic 1st Magic 10 50 130 220 370 870
magic 2nd Magic 0 0 80 130 340 740
magic Total Magic 10 50 210 360 710 1,610
all Total 320 1,160 3,160 4,900 8,450 17,550
  • Soft Requirements are not counted towards cumulative totals.

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