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Roleplaying points can be used to activate a roleplaying award (RPA), which will boost your learning rate and increase the value of experience you earn! More roleplaying points will enable you to activate higher level RPAs, which are both more powerful and longer lasting. Roleplaying points allow other players and staff members to reward you for excellent roleplaying, so the more often you roleplay, the more roleplaying points you will receive!

Some special things you need to know about roleplaying points: Don't announce that you just received RP points! GameMasters may remove the award if you become "out of character". Likewise, don't immediately STOP roleplaying or tell your friends that you have to go "work on your skills". The awards last for an hour per level[1] and will not start until you activate them with the command RPA START, so feel free to continue whatever you were doing.


  • RPA HELP -- detailed information about role-playing awards and this verb
  • RPA CHECK -- view information about your role-playing awards
  • RPA START <#> -- purchase the activation of a roleplaying award <of level # 1, 2, 3 or 4>
  • RPA TOGGLE -- pauses or unpauses an active roleplaying award
While paused, RPA time does not decrement and no exp bonuses are enjoyed. RPAs do not lose time while logged off either.
  • RPA GIVE <character> <#> -- give <#> of your stored RP points to another player
Players can give each other up to 20 RP points at a time from their own supply as long as they have more than 50 current points. There is a 1 hour timer on repeat gifts to the same recipient.
  • RPA PIRP -- Info about the Player Issued RP (PIRP) system
  • RPA BESTOW <character> -- bestows PIRP points on another player


Level Cost Duration Potency
1 5 points 1 hour
2 12 points 2 hours
3 20 points 3 hours
4 30 points 4 hours approximately 75% increase per pulse

RPA START 1 - You gaze about yourself for a moment, struck by a momentary passing thought that seems to bring to light some of what you have learned in the past. You laugh inwardly in delight at this scrap of personal philosophy, the joy of the realization filling you warmly.

RPA START 3 - You suddenly feel charged with the thrill of life and realize that you have come to understand a little bit more about yourself, and the world about you.

RPA START 4 - A memory of something you were told once by an old teacher of yours suddenly flashes through your mind. Though you didn't understand what he told you then, you suddenly grasp the full meaning of it now!


PIRP are player issued roleplay points. Players initiated into the PIRP system get a monthly allotment of points to bestow on other players they feel should be rewarded for good roleplay. The monthly points do not rollover. This is an incentive for the players on the PIRP system to bestow these points to the general populace. The recipient of one or more PIRP points have these points go directly into their RPA point pool.

Joining the System

To be a part of the PIRP system, a player must reach a certain number of points to their invisible RP score. This RP score can be augmented by three things: your Total RP points received, warnings and cautions, and by a GM for RP.

For a character that's not been augmented by caution/warning or by a GM, it takes 250 RP points received to enter the PIRP system with 10 points. Your points are then increased by levels, depending upon the amount of RPA points you have received.

  • Level 1: 10 points per month (Total 250 RP Points Received)
  • Level 2: 20 points per month (Total 400 RP Points Received)
  • Level 3: 30 points per month (Total 500 RP Points Received)
  • Level 4: 40 points per month (Total 1000 RP Points Received)
  • Level 5: 50 points per month (Total 1500 RP Points Received)

NOTE: Platinum characters are automatically entered into the PIRP system at some point (or points) each month. They can immediately distribute the maximum of 50 points a month.

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Player Issued Role Playing Award system (PIRP)

As part of the PIRP system, you will now have the ability to reward a players efforts at role playing by giving them roleplaying points, just like the awards that GameMasters give out. Each month you will receive a number of points based on your own record as a role player. The more RP awards you have gotten, the more points you will get each month. These points can be given to another player using the RPA BESTOW command (use RPA for more information on the usage). The number of points you can bestow varies. If the player you are bestowing them on is also part of the PIRP, you will be limited to giving them 1 point, otherwise you can bestow up to 3 points at a time. You can only bestow points on the same player once per point cycle. Once you have given points to someone you will not be able to give them points again until your available point total resets. The point reset occurs every 30 days from the day you first became part of the system. Also, the points you can bestow do not carry over from month to month, so there is no reason to hoard them. The points you receive each month can only be given to other players and cannot be used by you to earn RP awards. This new system does not take away the ability to use the RPA GIVE command. If you have been able to use that command, you should still be able to do so if you choose. The main difference between the two systems is that with RPA GIVE you can give away your own RP points, reducing the number of points you have available to use, while with RPA BESTOW you are awarding points that from your supply that renews monthly.

You currently have 5 points left to bestow upon someone.
These points will be reset in approximately 29 days. At that time you will receive 5 points to be bestowed.


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