Serene Surfaces

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Serene Surfaces
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Beham
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Serene Surfaces]
Cleverly placed mirrors hung on the white paneled walls create the illusion the small shop is larger than it is, allowing patrons to not feel overcrowded while browsing its wares. A dark blue rug serves to accent the assortment of tables arranged along the walls and center space of the room, their shapes and sizes ranging from tall and narrow to short and round.

ORDER: Ask beham about furniture
Item Price Done
1. a glass coffee table balanced on gnarled witchclaw branches [table] 48,000   No
2. a polished redwood coffee table with tapered copper legs [table] 50,000   No
3. a striking dressing table painted in soft sunset hues [table] 60,000   No
4. a sturdy chestnut reading table with gold fittings [table] 40,000   No
5. a narrow reading table perched on a golden slab of stylized honeycomb [table] 63,000   No
6. a silver-toned ban-minahle writing table with gracefully curved legs [table] 51,000   No
7. a lacquered sanrisi meditation table engraved with a pattern of shesegri knots [table] 57,000   No
8. an elegant sandalwood meditation table painted with an ebony lotus flower [table] 65,000   No
9. a delicate rosewood tea table topped with an intricate glass mosaic [table] 55,000   No
10. an elegant plumwood tea table edged with scrollwork cutouts [table] 47,500   No