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The FLAGS command is used to toggle various settings in DragonRealms.

Flag Status Behavior for this setting
LogOn ON Show logon messages.
LogOff ON Show logoff messages.
Disconnect ON Show disconnection messages.
ShowDeaths ON Show death messages when someone dies.
RoomNames ON Display the name of the room in which you are located.
Description ON Display room descriptions.
RoomBrief ON Display room descriptions in shortened form.
BattleBrief ON Display shortened battle descriptions.
CombatBrief ON Display your battle messages in full while shortening those of others.
MonsterBold ON Highlight monster names.
Inactivity ON Increase time before the system logs you off when inactive.
Portrait ON View character portraits when available.
Dialogs ON Display all dialog boxes.
Inventory ON Display all inventory and container windows.
AvoidJoiners ON Prevent people from joining your group.
AvoidHolders ON Prevent people from holding your hand, and adding you to their group.
AvoidDancers ON Prevent people from dancing with you, and adding you to their group.
AvoidWhispers ON Prevent people from whispering to you.
AvoidDraggers ON Prevent people from dragging your body.
AvoidTeachers ON Prevent people from teaching you.
AvoidSinging ON Prevent singing by accident.
NoHarnessShare ON Prevent the sharing of harness with your group.
HarnessWarning ON Receive notifications about harness limitations.
HarnessVerbose ON Receive detailed notifications about harness limitations.
Autosneak ON Automatically sneak from room to room when in hiding. (Does not work in DragonRealms)
BriefExp ON Only display numbers in the Field Experience window in Wrayth.
ConciseThoughts ON Gweth messages will be shorter.
DeathLocation ON Displays the room you died in when alerting other players of your demise.
HidePreStrings ON Removes OTHER players' titles from room LOOKs and the room window.
HidePostStrings ON Shortens room LOOK and room window output from other players and creatures.
HideMyCusLogin ON Your custom login/out (if any) is disabled. You are using defaults.
HideOtCusLogin ON Other players' custom login/logout messages are disabled in the login window.
HideTrivia ON You will not see trivia from the response reward system.

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