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Rock Troll
Creature Levels:
    Overall 12
    Natural Attack 11
    Weapon Attack 12
    Defense 12
    Player Estimated 12
Skill Cap 60 to 73
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells Yes
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses Yes
Body Type biped
Skinning Details
Skin Name grey troll skin
Skin Weight 7
Bone Name troll bones
Bone Weight 8
Ranks Required 50
Max Value 143 Kronars
114.4 Lirums
103.189 Dokoras
0.143 LTBpoints
0.143 Tickets
0.143 Scrips
Max Arranged 166 Kronars
132.8 Lirums
119.786 Dokoras
0.166 LTBpoints
0.166 Tickets
0.166 Scrips
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown

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The troll towers menacingly over you, its small, beady black eyes glittering with a dim, cruel intelligence and set into a face that is pock-marked and surmounted by an incredibly long and wart-covered nose. Its skin is a grey slate color, and the nails on its hideous hands are broken and yellowed. Beneath them, you notice bits of flesh and dirt, and the stench of rotting flesh and decay is thick about the brutal creature.

Anatomy Chart

Slate grey and hulking, the rock troll seems built to intimidate, its body covered in large muscles designed to crush its prey. Tiny eyes set in a large face are surrounded by wrinkled flesh, pockmarked and pitted. Smudges of dirt and decay coat its skin and broken, yellowed fingernails tip the fingers and toes.

In Depth

West of Kaerna Village, Climb barrier to enter/exit hunting area. Past the rockslide they tend to swarm. You must be at least circle 5 and have 25 ranks to climb the barricaide.

Rock Trolls are difficult to train with and occupy a narrow range where they train poorly at too high of ranks and are too dangerous at too low of ranks.</br>


Was able to lock evasion at 72 ranks and unable to get over 1/34 at 74 ranks (January 2015). Targeted Magic soft capped at 72 or so, but didn't hard cap until 90 (June 2015). Tactics hard cap at 90 (Confirmed still current June 2018).

Special Attacks

Rock trolls can cast Tremor.
It tends to be quite harmless.

Special Defenses

Rock trolls are immune to stuns, both physical and magical.

For example, they are immune to Thunderclap:
You gesture.
A great clap of thunder booms through the area, rattling the teeth in your jaw.
A rock troll is not bothered by the noise.


-- Ranger with 54/48 Disarm/Lockpicking, 117 Perception, 18 Agility can open boxes without much trouble

Body Parts

  • ARRANGE INFO: The troll can be arranged to produce a skin or bone.

Skin (grey troll skin)

  • Unarranged max value: 143 Kronars. High Quality (70) - work loose a sterling example of a grey troll skin
  • Arranged max value: 163 Kronars. Perfect Quality (99) - retrieve a perfect skin

Bone (troll bones)

  • Unarranged max value: N/A.
  • Arranged max value: 166 Kronars. Perfect Quality (99) - retrieve some perfect bones

  • Still teaching skinning at 101 with a full arrange (9/18/2018)


  • Spawn1: You hear a growl behind you and spin to see a rock troll climbing out from behind a rock!
  • Spawn2: You hear a growl behind you as a rock troll tromps into view!
  • Entrance: A rock troll tromps in.
  • Exit: A rock troll tromps <direction>.
  • Death1: A rock troll collapses with a heavy thud.
  • Death2: A rock troll bellows and then lies still.
  • Decay: The rock troll dissolves into a pile of chalk.

Recall Knowledge

You recall everything noteworthy about a rock troll... which is apparently nothing.
They are known to cast Tremor.
They are known to carry loot in locked boxes.

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