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Inventory refers to all of the items that a character is carrying and wearing, and associated systems.

Worn Slots

Each item that may be worn must be worn on a certain "slot" on the body. There is a limit to how many items may be worn in each slot (as indicated below).
Note: The term "slot" may be regarded as OOC, as a normal person would not say, "I'm wearing the tunic in the shirt slot."

The sort order given is for SORT AUTOMATIC HEADTOTOE.

Inventory Slot Premium Subbed Free F2P Booster
1 on the head 3 2 1
2 like head armor 1 1 1
3 tied to the hair 1 1 1
4 placed in the hair 1 1 1
6 over the right eye 1 1 1
7 over the left eye 1 1 1
8 on an ear 4 3 1
9 on both ears 4 3 1
10 in/on the nose 1 1 1
11 around the neck 3 3 1
12 on shoulders 2 1 1
13 on the body 40 35 10 25
14 over the shoulder 4 3 2 1
15 on the back 2 1 1
16 as a shirt with armor 3 2 1
17 like a shirt 1 1 1
18 on the upper arm 4 3 1
19 like arm armor 1 1 1
20 as an elbow weapon 1 1 1
21 as a left arm shield 1 1 1
22 on the wrist 6 4 1
23 as a parry stick 1 1 1
24 as a hand weapon 1 1 1
25 on the hands 1 1 1
26 on a finger 8 5 2 3
27 around the waist 4 3 1
28 attached to the belt 8 5 2 3
29 on the tail 3 2 1
30 like pants 1 1 1
31 like leg armor 1 1 1
32 on the thigh 4 3 1
33 as a knee weapon 1 1 1
34 on an ankle 6 4 1
35 as a foot weapon 1 1 1
36 on the feet 1 1 1
total worn slots 126 100 47 79
junk room nag 400 400 75 175
more aggressive junk room nag 450 450 ?? ??
inventory maximum 500 500 100 200

Bonus Slot

The Hollow Eve 439 gift can provide a single bonused slot (+1 item), which will denoted by a "(+)" next to the expanded slot.

  • You cannot bonus armor, weapon, brawling gear or tail slots. Bald folks can't bonus the two hair slots. If you pick a slot today, but decide you want a different one tomorrow, you can remove the bonused one and swap it to the new one (a cooldown applies).

At Feet Slot

In addition to the worn inventory slots itemized above, you also have an At Feet slot. This is considered on the ground, however it is exempt from janitor room cleaning, Compost and other similar room-cleaning actions. Items in this slot, such as Wayerd pyramids, will continue to function normally. While items are at your feet, you are able to interact with them normally, however others in the room will not be able to interact with them other than to see the item if they LOOK at you or any atmospheric messaging the item at your feet may give (such as the humming of a pyramid).

Losing your hands to injuries results in your held items dropping to your feet instead of the ground.

In order to use this slot:

To retrieve the item in this slot, in most cases you can simply GET <item>. However, if there is another similar item in the room, it will attempt to pick up the non-ground item first. In that case, STOW <item> will attempt to retrieve the item at your feet first and will allow you to safely return the item to your person.

Finally, there should be no concern about forgetting an item in the At Feet slot due to movement, disconnection or log-out. Movement is prohibited while you have an item at your feet, and the item will stay with you on log out as with all other inventory slots. In order to restore movement, GET or STOW your <item> and you will regain normal movement abilities.

Alternatively you may:

  • DUMP FEET: Dumps all items at your feet onto the ground.
  • EMPTY FEET: Moves all items at your feet onto the ground (same as DUMP FEET).

Encumbrance and Weight

All items have a weight rating, which in DragonRealms is measured in stones.

See Encumbrance for more details.

Maximum Inventory

By design, characters in DragonRealms are limited to 500 total items carried on their person. If you exceed 400 items, you will receive a warning.


Basic, Premium, Platinum and The Fallen subscription characters have an inventory limit of 500 items. When the limit mechanics are triggered, your character is automatically placed into a special area; (the Junk Yard) where you will be forced to reduce your inventory below the limit before you can return to the game. Free Accounts characters are limited to 100 items. A personal inventory upgrade widget can temporarily extend this limit to 300 items for free to play characters.

Additionally, use of the Breaking and Entering system via the BURGLE command when within 10 items or fewer of your personal maximum inventory limit will result in automatic arrest.

Use the INVENTORY CHECK command to see roughly how many items you are carrying.
Use of the INVENTORY CHECK that results in the messaging; "You are carrying more than X items! Please reduce your inventory count IMMEDIATELY!" is the exact same range that will get you arrested when using the BURGLE command.


Money does not normally take up inventory slots, though it does contribute weight at a rate of one stone per 5 coins.

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