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A Squat Bungalow
Province Ilithi
Justice none
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts LTB points

Long Term Benefits Rewards shop. If you are looking for the Custom Verb and Custom Title LTBs, you can find them in the Oak Hut to the west along Fate's Fortune Lane.

NOTE: This shop is live in Prime as of 12/15/2017.


Randomly throughout the building, you can find:


[A Squat Bungalow, Entry]
Massive palm fronds have been tightly woven together to form the thatched roof. Bundled groupings of tall bamboo climb from the wooden floor up to the ceiling to provide sturdy supports. Numerous framed arches open up and split off from the entryway, each leading to a different area of the bungalow. A wicker chest and a glass display table occupy opposite corners of the spacious room. You also see a bulletin board, an octagonal stand with several things on it, a tall silversteel bookshelf with a couple of things on it and a large corn-shaped pedestal with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest, out

A bulletin board reads:

 * You can GET any item once to see how much it costs.  Getting it twice will confirm that you want it and you will be charged for such.  **NO REFUNDS**
(Alteration scrolls you only GET one time, though.)

 * You can OPEN containers to get a peek of what's inside.

---Thanks, Management"
On the wicker chest
Item Price Done
lumpy leather snake with yellowing felt fangs - toy 300   !!
mechanical ruby-crested penguin - toy 300   !!
miniature barn painted a bright red - contains multiple toys 300   !!
miniature crystal jeolzindu - contains multiple toys 300   !!
small case of twigs braided in the shape of a bird's nest - contains multiple toys 300   !!
On the display table
Item Price Done
simple back harness of shadowy nightsilk - contains: darkened steel longsword with a simple oak hilt and darkened steel broadsword with a simple oak hilt 900   !!
curving scimitar with a scaled leather grip - medium edged (30 stones) 900   
elegant crossbow painted with scales - heavy crossbow 900   !!
engraved recurved bow with slender limbs - long bow 900   !!
golden plate armor embossed and chased with rampant heraldic lions - plate armor: torso/legs 900   !!
bone-handled shotel with an elegantly curved blade - medium edged (35 stones) 900   
bejeweled mambeli with an ornate pommel and a platinum-plated handguard - medium edged (30 stones) 900   
sleek steel nimsha with filigreed golden hilt - heavy edged (40 stones) 900   
dark steel bastard sword with a jade dragon hilt - heavy edged/two-handed edged (45 stones) 900   
thick arzumos hide cloak pyrographed with esoteric sigils - Invisibility Cloak 900   !!
richly lacquered mahogany crossbow with a braided spidersilk string - light crossbow 900   !!
horned great helm painted with an intense eagle-like visage - plate armor: head/eyes/neck 900   !!
darkened steel longsword - heavy edged (35 stones) 900   
Imperial war hammer engraved with interlocked stars - heavy blunt (55 stones) 900   
Appear to be T5 quality
On the octagonal stand
Item Price Done
twisted glass ring consisting of ribbons of black and gold - summonable shield 500   !!
small mechanical finch - toy 500   !!
black leather folio stamped with a dragon chewing on a rolled up scroll - 35 spell / 35 copy scroll stacker 500   !!
chocolate-brown thigh pouch with a strawberry-shaped garnet clasp - contains multiple clothing & toy items 500   !!
On the tall silversteel bookshelf
Item Price Done
elegant diamond-hide almanac bearing a platinum Estate Holder's crest 1,800   !!
"The random-skill almanac on the bookshelf can ONLY be used by Estate Holders."
On the large corn-shaped pedestal
Item Price Done
hefty omnibus almanac with a sturdy indurium cover 4,800   
"The random-skill almanac on the pedestal can be used by ANYONE."


[A Squat Bungalow, Fountain]
Majestic and massive, a multi-tiered marble fountain towers up to the raised thatch roof above. Small motes of light gleam and flit around the fountain's pool; a sense of powerful magics lingers in the air. The soothing sounds of the many streams of flowing water mesh harmoniously with the music of the bards who find their inspiration here. Stone benches are set on the outer areas of the greenery that encircles the fountain. You also see an important note, a glossy brass tray with a shiny brass contrivance on it, a glossy gold tray with a shiny gold contrivance on it, some low ironwood shelves with a few things on it and a wide ironwood chest with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.

An important note reads:

"These here contrivances will help you be able to forget abilities you know if you forgot other stuff too recently to forget stuff again yet.

You still have to go to whatever place you go to forget things.

Could be things about roaring, or casting spells, or other stuff along those lines.

The gold one has thirty uses.

The brass one has one.

Use at your own risk!  NO REFUNDS!"
Marble fountain
Item Price Done
extra type ahead line 900   No
A pale marble fountain reads:
"Drink deep if moving faster is worth 900 points to you!"
(DRINK FOUNTAIN in order to choose this item.)
On the brass tray
Item Price Done
shiny brass contrivance - 1 charge 200   !!
You believe you could RUB the contrivance to reset the cooldown for forgetting a spell in Throne City
On the gold tray
Item Price Done
shiny gold contrivance - 30 charges 4,500   No
You believe you could RUB the contrivance to reset the cooldown for forgetting a spell in Throne City.
On the ironwood shelves
Item Price Done
woven silk sack dappled with colorful autumn leaves - contains high quality clothing & toy 1,200   !!
rusty iron box with a mummified paguur paw atop it - witch balls & juggling item 1,200   !!
purple silk charm bag clasped with a golden dragon - contains charms 1,200   !!
On the ironwood chest
Item Price Done
wide leather backpack with silversteel fittings - back: 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones) 1,800   !!
wide raw silk backpack with asini fittings - back: 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones) 1,800   !!
silver-clad black diamond - forehead gem 1,800   !!
platinum filigree jewelry box with glaes fittings - contains rare gems 1,800   !!
oval of silver-clad iniskim - forehead gem 1,800   !!
golden Gnomish gadget - Embiggens compatible containers. 1,800   
viscous potion in a golden vial - reduces all stats to racial default and refunds the equivalent TDPs 1,800   !!

Gift Floor

[A Squat Bungalow, Gift Floor]
A dark ironwood table with a bamboo chime hanging above it rests against one silk-covered wall. Scents of musk and lavender are emitted from a pair of lighted candles lying in a shallow stone bowl, and sounds of moving water echo from the south.
You also see an ironwood shelf with several things on it, a small bamboo chest with a few things on it and a sign.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

A sign reads:

The pouches on the ironwood table contain very delicate amphibians.  Handle them with care!
On the ironwood table
Item Price Done
simple shoulder bag with a heavy braided strap - shoulder: 15 x 10 x 5 (1000 stones) 600   !!
slip of brown parchment with elegant golden script written upon its delicate surface - 100p home furniture voucher 600   !!
blue vial - shield bonding potion 600   !!
oily green potion - weapon bonding potion 600   !!
twisted sliver of bone and wire - auto-lockpick (24 hour cooldown) 600   !!
carved bone ring inset with a cambrinth crystal - finger: holds 4 mana 600   !!
dusky green velvet pouch slung from a black satin cord - contains a glossy tel'athi frog (toy) 600   !!
dusky black velvet pouch slung from a shining platinum cord - contains a diminutive platinum toad (toy) 600   !!
alabaster flask - used to Bless weapons 600   
icy-blue blade set with a glacier emerald in its crossguard - light edged (15 stones)/medium edged (30 stones)/heavy edged (35 stones) 600   
wide suede belt with an onyx dragon clasp - 150-coin moneybelt (can be upgraded to 210) 600   !!
deep ebony lizard wristcuff inset with diamond eyes - transforms to a deep ebony exoskeletal scimitar 600   
deep ebony snake ring inset with ruby eyes - transforms to a deep ebony exoskeletal longsword 600   
deep ebony scarab amulet inset with emerald eyes - transforms to a deep ebony exoskeletal katar 600   
* The potion is for weapons, and the vial is for shields.
-- You MUST be an Estate Holder to use these.
-- The elixir in the case on the shelf can undo these bonds.
* The parchment is worth 100 platinum towards furniture purchases (reusable).
On the ironwood shelf
Item Price Done
leather boots with heavy platinum soles - special movement message 400   !!
glossy serpent with iridescent scales and small leathery wings - toy 400   !!
velvet-lined teak case - contains the unbonding elixir scintillant lazuline elixir 400   !!
serpentine-hide headband set with hawkseye cabochons - concentration restorer 400   !!
bat-winged leather boots covered in iridescent scales - Winged Footwear 400   !!
heron-winged leather sandals - Winged Footwear 400   !!
potency crystal 400   
infuser stone 400   
On the bamboo chest
Item Price Done
snake charm - atmospheric toy 700   
blue velvet pouch - unbreakable gwethdesuan 700   !!
The pouch contains a crystalline kyanite gwethdesuan. They are permanent for the person who picks up the pouch. Gwethsmashers can disable them, but not break them. Handle with care!

Crafter Thazzuc

[A Squat Bungalow, Crafter Thazzuc]
This section of the bungalow features a potted palm tree adorned with beads in various colors. A scroll-covered oaken counter provides a cramped workspace for the crafter to perform his duties. Two cushions near the workspace are the only other furnishings. A corridor opens up to the east.
You also see an engraved plaque, Crafter Thazzuc and a large sign.
Obvious exits: east, southwest, west, northwest.

  • See Crafter Thazzuc's page for details on verbs and guidelines. His services cost 600 LTB points.

An engraved plaque reads:

Crafter Thazzuc -- Interactivity Specialist Extraordinaire!

If you've got an item that looks just right but could use a bit more flair when it comes to its interactivity,
read the sign and TAP your item to see if it is eligible for an upgrade. 

If your item is eligible, Thazzuc will hand you a scroll that details what is possible.

A sign reads:

 |            ~-=Crafter Thazzuc's Emporium=-~          |

Greetings, adventurer!  My work here is first class,
though I am quite limited on resources.  Currently, I can
do work on the following items:

 * Shoulder worn cloaks, capes, greatcloaks and warcloaks
 * Shirt style kimonos, gamantangs, robes and burnooses
 * skirts, gowns and dresses
 * pants, trousers, breeches and pantaloons
 * foot-worn boots (you'd be surprised!)
 * back-worn (or slung) backpacks, packs, rucksacks,
    journeypacks and knapsacks
 * jackets, blazers, coats, greatcoats and longcoats
 * wearable sacks and bags
 * shields
 * leather and plate armors

If you'd like me to examine your item to see if it's
something I could work on, simply TAP it and I'll begin.
Just be sure you have the 600 points needed, I've little
time to spare.

Please note that as the funds become available, I
shall be expanding my services to work with more items.
Do check back if my services won't suit your current

Eastern Wing

[A Squat Bungalow, Eastern Wing]
Wicker trunks and counters line the northern and southern walls of this protrusion. A series of short shelves encircles the massive window that dominates the eastern wall. Humming in the sea breeze, a multitude of exotic wind chimes dangles from the bamboo rafters above the opening.
You also see an ornate gold mirror, some large golden cushions and an elegant rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wicker trunk
Item Price Done
small painting - interior home decoration 400   !!
crystalline snow globe - toy/home decoration 400   !!
darkened steel knife inlaid with icesteel - light edged (10 stones) 400   
green diamond icesilk fan trimmed with Albarian lace - toy 400   !!
silk and ruazin wool greatcoat embroidered with a battle at sea 400   !!
silver pendant covered in tiny glaes bells 400   !!
curved khor'vela comb inlaid with ruby teardrops - bondable hair jewelry 400   !!
bastard sword with a chaos chalcedony-eyed libger hilt - heavy edged/two-handed edged (45 stones) 400   
chain helm of dark green muracite - chain armor: head/neck 400   !!
heavy leathers crafted of sculpted and layered panels - light armor: torso/arms/legs 400   !!
silver dragon head amulet with emerald green eyes that seem to blink sleepily - verbed jewelry 400   !!
golden dragon head amulet with emerald green eyes that seem to blink sleepily - Fire Shard jewelry (probably no longer functional after Magic 3.0 changes) 400   
magic box - toy 400   !!
platinum dragon head amulet with emerald green eyes that seem to blink sleepily - Fire Shard jewelry (probably no longer functional after Magic 3.0 changes) 400   
On the wicker counter
Item Price Done
platinum charm bracelet - jewelry to stack charms 200   !!
saar par covered in silver and gold wirework - toy 200   !!
small baby doll wrapped in fuzzy sea-green blankets - toy 200   !!
silver filigree ring surrounding a core of cambrinth - finger: holds 4 mana 200   !!
platinum filigree bracelet surrounding a strand of cambrinth beads - wrist: holds 32 mana 200   !!
polished ring of ocean jasper set with a cambrinth shark - finger: holds 4 mana 200   !!
platinum chain bearing a cambrinth and obsidian marble - neck: holds 4 mana 200   !!
jade armband set with cambrinth rosettes - upper arm: holds 32 mana 200   !!
thorny silver pin bearing a black onyx rose 200   !!
stormy grey watersilk cloak with an anchor-shaped clasp 200   !!
midnight-blue glass earrings set with silver stars 200   !!
twisted platinum necklace bearing a blue seaglass pendant 200   !!
crescent moon pendant cradling a circle of dichroic glass 200   !!
On the short shelves
Item Price Done
circular shield bordered with silversteel - medium (fair hindrance) 400   !!
basket-hilt rapier with a dragonwood hilt - medium edged (25 stones) 400   
etched steel sword with a dragon's eye ruby pommel stone - two-handed edged (60 stones) 400   
dragon-headed maul with a bocote grip - two-handed blunt (80 stones) 400   
heavy steel morning star with a bocote handle - heavy blunt (55 stones) 400   
bocote-handled staff sling with a mammoth-hide leather pocket - staff sling 400   
shadowy steel battle axe shaped like an umbral moth in flight - heavy edged (45 stones) 400   
mammoth-hide sling - sling 400   
sturdy hunting sword with a bocote grip - heavy edged (40 stones) 400   
dark tower shield centered with a silversteel boss - large (significant hindrance) 400   
pale light crossbow dangling a silverweave ghost from the stock - light crossbow 400   !!
On the elegant rack
Item Price Done
furniture voucher depicting an elegant table - elegant table of flame maple (holds 50 items) 1,200   !!
furniture voucher depicting a fine plaster wall - fine plaster wall trimmed with flame maple (holds 50 items) 1,200   No
furniture voucher depicting an elegant wardrobe - elegant wardrobe crafted of flame maple (holds 50 items) 1,200   No
furniture voucher depicting an elegant platform bed - elegant platform bed framed with flame maple (holds 50 items) 1,200   No

Gift Floor

[A Squat Bungalow, Gift Floor]
An opening in the wall allows a gentle sea breeze to circulate a current of fresh air throughout the bungalow. Nestled closely to the walls are elegant bamboo tables and counters that proudly display both common and not-so-common treasures from across the realms. The faint splashing of water can be heard nearby.
You also see a prominent parchment notice tacked to one of the bamboo tables and a large silvery cushion.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, southeast, west.

A prominent parchment notice tacked to one of the bamboo tables reads:

"   Estate Holder Jewelry

Please note that the magics within these
rings can be used once per hour.
The magic is tied to you, not the item, so you
should not purchase more than one item.

Please also be aware that there are other
rings for sale for regular coins, should you
wish to save your points."
On the carved bamboo table
Item Price Done
hammered copper signet ring with an oval Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
filigree silver signet ring bearing a stylized Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
heavy gold signet ring prominently displaying a large Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
ornate platinum signet ring flaunting a diamond-studded Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
narrow jade signet ring with a carved Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
polished oak signet ring with a sculpted Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
teleport rings to Fang Cove
On the wide bamboo table
Item Price Done
smoi leather wallet with a golden dragon crest 100   !!
ashen kau leather wallet with a platinum dragon crest 100   
scorched iron ring bearing a faded Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
wide bone ring clutching a blackened Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
ashen grey coral ring bearing the Estate Holder's crest 100   
dull metal band bearing a faded Estate Holder's crest 100   !!
teleport rings to Fang Cove
On the bamboo counter
Item Price Done
engraved sterling silver ring inset with a dark emerald 300   !!
engraved gold ring displaying a blood-red ruby 300   !!
engraved platinum ring displaying an exquisite black diamond 300   !!
cloth-of-gold jester's hat with dragon-shaped bells - verbed clothing 300   !!
azure firesilk gown with an overskirt of purple sapphire icesilk - verbed clothing 300   No
vivid purple crystal hairstick - verbed jewelry 300   !!
dark jade bracelet inlaid with a gold and ruby dragon 300   !!
pale mistsilk cloak with crimson lace overlay - verbed clothing 300   No
dark leather cloak clasped with a silver feather - verbed clothing 300   No
forest green cloak with a carved acorn toggle - verbed clothing 300   No
icy-blue crystal music box - contains snow-themed jewelry 300   !!
sunny yellow silk cloak - changes color with the weather 300   !!
sparkling white scarf of khaddar bordered with draconic opal beadwork - color-morph item 300   !!

Western Wing

[A Squat Bungalow, Western Wing]
Hanging from the ceiling in each corner are ornate golden birdcages, their color reflected in the rich carpetry that adorns the floor here. Avian calls and chirps fill the air with a constant natural music that perfectly complements the soft, tropical floral scent wafting in from some unseen source.
You also see a large sign and a table of scrolls.
Obvious exits: east.

A large sign reads:

To request an alteration, please hold the item you'd like worked on and GET SCROLL.

When your idea is ready WRITE NEW along with your requested changes.

These scrolls are for basic cosmetic changes.
They will not change the function or interactive qualities of any item.

Loriale will be in touch as soon as she is able to work with you on your item.

This will place a hold on some of your points, and cost 900 when the work is complete.
To cancel, just drop your scroll.
Item Price Done
Premium alteration scroll - cosmetic alterations 900   

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