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A construct is any creature that is created and controlled by an outside force, and has no independent will or life force of its own. As such, they are safe for Empaths to attack directly using weapons and standard aggressive combat maneuvers.

Constructs include things like golems, machines, and objects that have been animated by magic. It does not include undead, although some creatures that appear undead may actually be constructs.

Empaths can detect whether a creature is safe to attack by using PERCEIVE <creature>.

Spawn from the Ranger spell Awaken Forest are NOT constructs. Attacking them as an Empath WILL result in Empathic Shock.

Standard Constructs:

 Min SkillCapBoxesSkin
Giant mechanical mouse02,000truefalse
Origami creature2055falsefalse
Small boggle3949truefalse
Endrus serpent7090falsetrue
Granite gargoyle95125truetrue
Quartz gargoyle135190truetrue
Grey clay soldier150240truefalse
Grey clay mage175250truefalse
Grey clay archer180240truefalse
Rock guardian180260falsefalse
Gam chaga300450falsefalse
Black marble gargoyle300540truetrue
Ashu hhinvi500700truefalse
Lava drake9001,300falsetrue
Ice archon1,2001,650truefalse

Quest, Event and Invasion Constructs:

 Min SkillCap
Corrupted khor'vela beltunumshi02,000
Animated Items (1)100200
Rough-hewn doll1200
Animated Items (2)175400
Bone amalgam180250
Animated Items (3)300650
Andesite gargoyle550850
Animated Items (4)550850
Clockwork assistant2,0000
Winged black marble gargoyle2,0000
Mor blarstil2,0000
Brine shark2,0000
Glass construct2,0000
Sandstone golem2,0000
Clockwork monstrosity2,0000

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