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This skill was released in Platinum & Prime in 427 (April 30, 2018) along with an updated Smite system.

This is a Paladin-only skill that will power existing soul-related abilities and be used "as a bridge to giving Paladins active ways to leverage & train their armor ranks."

This skill was originally called Endurance and was proposed to counter damaging status effects, but on 3/23/2015, GM Raesh wrote:

"The Paladin Guild Skill is a big part of the design I'm working on, but I would be shocked if it keeps the name and concept of Endurance.
I think Paladins will be in a significantly better place once the barrier review is finished and they have a functional guild skill (Tentatively renamed asceticism) and revamped soul system.
In very broad terms I'm looking to revamp the existing soul system (including glyphs, smite, etc) to be powered by "Endurance" (Almost certain to be renamed - I'm in favor of Asceticism) and use that skill as a bridge to giving Paladins active ways to leverage & train their armor ranks."

Training Conviction

Ways to train the Conviction Skill:

Circle Requirements

Circle requirement for Paladins are on the following schedule:

  • 1-10th: 3 ranks per circle
  • 11-70th: 4 ranks per circle
  • 71-150th: 5 ranks per circle
  • 151+: 13 ranks per circle

Spells and abilities that boost Conviction


Spells and abilities that decrease Conviction


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