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Changes to Locksmithing Experience · on 02/28/2020 20:49 2133
We have just rolled out a change to locksmithing experience. Previously, the system awarded more experience than desired for failed locksmithing attempts, encouraging players to engage with the locksmithing system by using "pet boxes."

No other system rewards failure so generously. It is not intended that deliberate failure be a viable -- much less optimal -- training method.

Accordingly, if you fail to pick a box that grossly outclasses your skill level, you will no longer gain experience. (If you successfully pick an exceptionally difficult box, you will still gain bonus experience for doing so, though the bonus won't be as generous as before.)

For all other boxes, if you fail to pick them, you will gain only a tiny fraction of the experience you would have gained if you had successfully picked the box.

These changes are now live in all instances. We will be monitoring and may make further tweaks as necessary.

GM Cordulia

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic / Survival Skills - Economic, by DR-CORDULIA on the forums.