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Building off of Atrathien's timeline, GM Cadaya released this extensive timeline at Simucon 2001. It, too, is mostly focused on events taking place in Kermoria. Much more detailed and complete than Atrathien's version, this timeline diverges from its predecessor in how some events are dated. It's treatment of the politics of the Seven-Pointed Empire is extensive.

Cadaya subsequently posted this timeline to the play.net boards in Talk to Simutronics GM Announcements [1] on June 12, 2001.

The Elanthipedia has several other Timelines available.


Beneath this little introduction, you'll find the new Official Elanthian Timeline, which was also presented at the Elanthian History Seminar at SimuCon. I'm posting this in both the History folder (Social Aspects category) and the GM Announcements folder, for those many roleplayers who would have an interest in this, but just don't have the time to read every folder on the boards. The formatting isn't as nice as it is in Microsoft Word, but the information comes across.

Gamemaster Cadaya

Note -- This timeline covers only Kermoria. Kermoria is the continent on the planet of Elanthia where most of our adventures take place; the Provinces of Ilithi, Therengia, Forfedhdar, and Zoluren are here, and the Qi Archipelago is right off the continent's coast.


Index I. The Age of Myths: Prehistory. Is anything from this period of time true? Much of the knowledge of this period consists of religious stories, legends, and oral tradition. There are no records from this age, as civilization was yet to truly begin forming. They're legends -- take them with a grain of salt.

II. The Time of the Clans: The Time of the Clans marks the period of Elanthian history where the continent's people were scattered, formed into innumerous small (and often violent) groups. Very few cities existed in this era, as it was rare for so many people to be gathered together in one group (not to mention that many of the clans were nomadic). Without cities, there were also no places to store records and traditions, so most information was handed down orally; many accounts of this period will lack historical authenticity, and will be more in the way of symbolic stories. There is little in the way of accurate dating, as no universal record keeping system had been established.

III. The Imperial Age: From Akroeg's Clan-consolidation to Teiro's capture of Throne City, this period of Elanthian history covers the rule of an Empire over the bulk of the continent. Bringing relative peace and stability, the Seven Star Empire allowed learning, culture, and the arts to flourish, along with politics. Those records surviving from this period are marked with a high degree of accuracy, both in content and in dating. This is also the first period a universal form of dating was utilized, as the Verekian Calendar was invented here and applied through the entire Seven Star Empire.

IV. The Time of Chaos: The Time of Chaos is a period of Elanthian history defined by near constant upheaval, turmoil, and warfare. The Empire, which had ruled the lands for so long, was gone, and with it went the stability and order it offered. Many records from this time were lost, and it will prove difficult to accurately date many events during this period, as the Verekian Calendar has gone out of use. The later creation of the Trade Calendar would enable historical accuracy again, but briefly, before the rise of the Dragon Priests.

V. The Dragon's Empire: This time period marks the age of the rule of Dzree's Dragon Priest Empire, from its founding until her death. The Priests carried out a bizarre quest for truth and fact, but their devotion was only to their version of history -- anything else was to be purged. They produced many scholarly works which contradicted previously held beliefs, and many records they disagreed with were destroyed (and the tellers, silenced).

VI. Modern Times: You guessed it. The Modern Times, from the fall of the Dragon Priests up till today (and tomorrow, and the day after...). Civilation is in high swing, things are relatively peaceful and prosperous. Information is generally extremely detailed, well-dated, and accurate, for the most part, though a few folk legends and tall tales crop up from time to time, but nothing of the magnitude that occured prior to History.



N/A The One is formed and weds the Void
N/A The Gods and the Planes are born, ending the existences of the One and the Void
N/A The Gods create the thirteen planets in the Plane of Abiding
N/A Phelim forms the stars from Tamsine's tears, and Kertigen crafts the four moons of Elanthia, which Phelim places in the sky.
N/A The Gods create the First Beings
N/A The Two (Celestidhl and Keloryon) are born. They are the first Elves. At the same time, Kertigen gives life to Dabrush, the first Dwarf.
N/A The Elves leave the Ocean
N/A Avaric, first child of the Two, is born
N/A Keloryon is killed by the Dwarves, beginning the First War
N/A HighHold and the Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas Fortress are constructed by the Dwarves and Elves respectively
N/A The World Dragon hatches from Grazhir. It battles against the Gods, but is placed to sleep and then banished to Elanthia's core. Wounded Peri'el is set to watch over it.
N/A The Elotheans are Willed into being
N/A The first S'Kra Mur appear on Reshalia Island
N/A The first Gor'Togs appear.
N/A Peri'el gifts the S'Kra Mur with the "tail."
N/A Firulf gathers the Elemental Mages



3150 BL Dwarven Iron Clan establishes a settlement in the DragonSpine Mountains
3099 BL Fire Clan discovers Blackfire magic
3094 BL Several Wind Elf families leave to explore, seeking adventure
3091 BL Fire Clan attacks Iron Clan
3090 BL --Fire Clan uses Blackfire to destroy the Iron Clan settlements
--Iron Clan is driven from the Spine Mountains
3076 BL The Fire Clan is defeated by "The Four"
3048 BL Iron Clan begins constructing Garnedhren
2650 BL Morganae leads an uprising against the Dwarven Iron Clan
2649 BL --Iron Clan is defeated by the Elves; its survivors flee Garnedhren
--Mountain Clan is formed, with Morganae as Queen
2632 BL Sidhlot begins plotting for the Mountain Throne
2620 BL An attempted coup in the Mountain Clan fails. Sidhlot is imprisoned.
2600 BL --Sidhlot is freed by his followers.
--Sidhlot forms the Bone Clan
2558 BL Bone Clan allies with Iron Clan in the hopes of toppling Morganae
2420 BL Dyriduan Avtik leads his Halfling tribe to settle down
2419 BL Dyriduan pioneers the art of agriculture
2163 BL Silvrathrew joins several Elothean Clans into a single group; she is diademed Ferdahl
2140 BL Reign of Chief Sarkhhl begins over Tail Clan
2139 BL Chief Sarkhhl begins process of unifying Reshalia Island under his clan
2127 BL With most of Reshalia under Sarkhhl's rule, he is crowned King
2113 BL --Ferdahl Silvrathrew dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Queri begins
2040 BL The Fangs of Ushnish fleet is established
2029 BL Ferdahl Queri establishes the Three
1990 BL --Ferdahl Queri dies
--Reign of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil begin
1904 BL --Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil die
--Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin begins
1881 BL --Ferdahl Vemrin dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Vureanage begins
1859 BL Kwarlog is constructed in the Arncharn Shel Mountains
1777 BL --Ferdahl Vureanage dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Misine begins
1672 BL --Ferdahl Misine dies
--Reign of Reniaekai begins
1551 BL --Ferdahl Reniaekai dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Ileehir begins
1464 BL --Ferdahl Ileehir dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Nolietheal begins
1443 BL The S'Kra Mur Scorpion Clan first encounters two Gor'Tog Clans, Boar and Ox
1373 BL Scorpion Clan enslaves the Gor'Togs
1356 BL --Ferdahl Nolietheal dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Vemaedaku begins
1353 BL The first Gor'Tog slaves are shipped to Reshalia Island
1240 BL The mainland Gor'Tog slaves revolt, leading to "Ksikakar's Massacre"
1232 BL --Ferdahl Vemaedaku dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Diaesele begins
1140 BL --Ferdahl Diaesele dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Pale Cleareye begins
1045 BL --Ferdahl Pale dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Vurma Redfisted begins
1023 BL --The "Long Winter" begins inflicting the S'Kra Mur
--The mainland Gor'Togs are freed from slavery
1022 BL The Dwarves take in the Gor'Tog Ox Clan beginning an alliance
1019 BL The "Long Winter" ends, but it leaves several of the S'Kra Clans near-decimated
1017 BL Queen Morganae and Kiernion arrange for an alliance between the Forest and Mountain Clans by wedding Prince Rivyn to Sorril, Kiernion's daughter
1015 BL --The Human Chief Kanton weds Sorril
--The Elven-Human War begins
--The Humans form an alliance with the Dwarves and Gor'Togs
1014 BL --The Elves form an alliance with the Elotheans
--The S'Kra Mur are paid to join the war on the side of the Elves
1007 BL Tamris and Sahra lead a group of Elves away from Leth Deriel to escape the war
1006 BL The Elothean Houses of the Black Lotus and Marching Fang are destroyed
1004 BL --The S'Kra Mur Wind Clan is destroyed.
--Chief Kanton and Prince Rivyn die
--The Mountain Elves withdraw from the war
1003 BL --Lanival and Sable are born
--Sorril dies
--Ferdahl Vurma dies. The Elotheans withdraw from the war.
--The Elven-Human War ends
1002 BL --Kiernion dies.
--Reign of Ferdahl Emreen begins.



1001 BL --The Dwarves place war reparations upon the Elves.
--Tamris and Sahra's followers settle on M'Riss.
--The Rissan Calendar is established.
953 BL Chief Akroeg begins expanding the Ram Clan by conquering other clans
920 BL --Riverhaven is begun to provide ferries over the Faldesu River.
--Akroeg begins conquering southern Therengia.
910 BL Akroeg dies in battle. Verek becomes Chieftain of the Ram Clan
909 BL The First Session is held by Verek, Moliko, Baraliban, and Lirum as plans for the Seven Star Empire unfold
908 BL --The Seven Star Empire is created; Verek is the first Emperor.
--Moliko begins her famed Codex
907 BL The Verekian Calendar is established and unveiled in a grand festival
905 BL Moliko's Codex is completed
901 BL --Verek relinquishes the throne
--Reign of Empress Taratochs, a Dwarf, begins
--Construction on Throne City begins by the Dwarves and Gor'Togs.
899 BL Work begins on a man-made island off the coast of Throne City
894 BL First reign of Emperor Lenvuc, an Elf, begins. Most suspect his selection by the Elven contingent to be a result of his mother's influence
887 BL First reign of Empress Moliko the Balance, an Elothean, begins.
886 BL The laws of Moliko's Codex are applied uniformly throughout the whole Seven Star Empire
884 BL The Imperial Academy is established. Construction begins.
880 BL Reign of Emperor Baraliban, a Halfling, begins.
878 BL King Zsehhdu of Ratha signs a treaty with Emperor Baraliban, bringing Reshalia into the Seven Star Empire
877 BL The Gor'Togs on Reshalia Island are freed from slavery
873 BL Reign of Gragna the Builder, a Gor’Tog, begins
871 BL Gragna begins building roads to connect Imperial cities
868 BL Massive effort goes underway to complete Throne City
866 BL --Reign of Ushnegi, a S’Kra Mur, begins.
--The Imperial Board of Wizardry is established
864 BL The writing of the Book of Lovers is commissioned by Emperor Ushnegi
863 BL The College of War Magic receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning
859 BL Reign of Ponthilas I, a Human, begins.
854 BL --Emperor Ponthilas is killed when his boat sinks off the coast of Surlaenis
--Reign of Gredge, a Dwarf, begins
847 BL Reign of Chezarek, an Elf, begins.
846 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose
841 BL --The release of a Shadowmaster Lord kills Emperor Chezarek.
--Second reign of Empress Moliko begins
839 BL The power of the Imperial Courts is increased greatly
835 BL Attacks begin on the western borders of the Seven Star Empire
834 BL Reign of Emperor Riini, a Halfling, begins
833 BL Large amounts of the Seven Star Empire's western lands are lost to the invaders
832 BL --Riini is assassinated
--Reign of Govutku, a Gor’Tog, begins
--Emperor Govutku begins battling the western invaders.
830 BL M'Riss is conquered by the Seven Star Empire
829 BL The stalemate is broken in the Battle of Straskeg. The Seven Star Empire begins reexpanding
825 BL Reign of Ithevwe Zsikiel, a S’Kra Mur, begins
824 BL Imperial Garrisons in Qi are strengthened
823 BL Reshalian Institute of Shipbuilding is established
818 BL Reign of Ponthilas II, a Human, begins
815 BL --Emperor Ponthilas dies when a tree falls on his carriage in the Endrus Forest
--Reign of Theksaal I, a Dwarf, begins
808 BL Reign of Yashdus, an Elf, begins
806 BL A volcano on M'Riss erupts, sending refugees into the bay on rafts
805 BL Construction begins on Mer'Kresh in M'Riss's Torbis Sanhalas Bay
801 BL Reign of Pumesle, an Elothean, begins
796 BL --A large fire breaks out in Throne City. Pumesle is killed attempting to carry books from the Imperial Academy
--Reign of Mafescu, a Halfling, begins
789 BL Reign of Rublam the Bold, a Gor’Tog, begins
788 BL Rublam attempts to further expand the Seven Star Empire westward, sparking new fights with the savages
786 BL --Rublam dies in battle
--Reign of Micholo, a S’Kra Mur, begins
784 BL --Remains of Rublam's army return to Throne City.
--Emperor Micholo steps down.
--Reign of Cale Rardokin, a Human, begins
782 BL The Theren Expedition begins
781 BL Construction on Therenborough begins
777 BL Reign of Dexoch, a Dwarf, begins
776 BL Governor Ibec Theren expands the city of Riverhaven
770 BL Second reign of Emperor Lenvuc begins
768 BL Rioting breaks out in Throne City, suspected to have been caused by a rival Elven group.
763 BL Reign of Nerebon, an Elothean, begins
757 BL The Gealeranendae College of Magical History is established in Therenborough
756 BL Reign of Ibti Timbleton, a Halfling, begins
749 BL Reign of Ochanka the Wise, a Gor’Tog, begins
742 BL Reign of Yudathki, a S’Kra Mur, begins
735 BL Reign of Jordham Theren, a Human, begins
728 BL Reign of Saranell I, a Dwarf, begins
721 BL Reign of Nemethyo, an Elf, begins
718 BL Tezirah Eilsina forms the Saesordian Cabal
714 BL Reign of Ocnovi, an Elothean, begins
707 BL Reign of Demin I, a Halfling, begins
706 BL --The Seven Star Empire outlaws sorcery
--The execution of Tezirah is ordered as she goes underground
703 BL Tezirah is executed
701 BL Reign of Vithwok the Old, a Gor’Tog, begins
693 BL Reign of Mhalduum the Singer, a S’Kra Mur, begins
686 BL Reign of Ponthilas III, a Human, begins
682 BL --While touring Throne City's outlaying farming districts, a fence breaks, releasing a horde of pigs that trample Emperor Ponthilas to death.
--Reign of Villigar, a Dwarf, begins
675 BL Third reign of Emperor Lenvuc begins
670 BL --Lenvuc is assassinated amidst rioting
--Reign of Cedasye I, an Elothean, begins
663 BL Reign of Ringth, a Halfling, begins
661 BL The Seven Star Empire begins taking over Adamantian land
656 BL Reign of Bundirm, a Gor’Tog, begins
655 BL Adamantia falls completely, except for HighHold. Diplomatic envoys are dispatched.
654 BL HighHold is placed under siege
649 BL Reign of Asmirhh, a S’Kra Mur, begins
642 BL Reign of Rhamos, a Human, begins
637 BL The city of Elirach is hit by a plague
635 BL Reign of Thvasvadh, a Dwarf, begins
634 BL The twenty-year siege on HighHold is lifted
628 BL Reign of Sephrorik, an Elf, begins
627 BL Veila Tebaiya opens the Phelim Club
624 BL Heronyus Kalestraum reforms the Saesordian Cabal
621 BL Reign of Mireitha, an Elothean, begins
614 BL Reign of Krael, a Halfling, begins
612 BL Alicia Crowther leads a schism of the Saesordian Cabal, forming the Progeny of Tezirah
610 BL Jares Braun opens the Phelim Club Orphanage to train students into Phelim's Compact
607 BL Reign of Nishnak, a Gor’Tog, begins
600 BL Reign of Qoemeth, a S’Kra Mur, begins
598 BL The Celestial Compact becomes associated with the Seven Star Empire's throne
594 BL Jares Braun appoints advisors to Ponthilas Lucaid
593 BL Reign of Ponthilas IV, a Human, begins
592 BL Construction begins on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory
590 BL --Ponthilas IV is killed by an arrow during a hunting trip
--Reign of Saranell II, a Dwarf, begins
589 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory is halted
588 BL The First Magical Congress is called
586 BL --The Lunar Accord is signed
--The Imperial Guild of Moon Mages receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning
583 BL Reign of Trachcarim, an Elf, begins
582 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory resumes and is completed
575 BL Reign of Piatek, an Elothean, begins
568 BL Reign of Mamni Timbleton, a Halfling, begins
567 BL Insurrections break out throughout the Seven Star Empire
566 BL Riots break out in Throne City
563 BL The majority of the Moon Mage Council is brought before an inquisition
561 BL Reign of Ulthere, a Gor’Tog, begins
556 BL A group of Dwarves led by Galen "Hammerstone" leaves Rendstone and enters the Imperial military
554 BL Reign of Shakoepi the Dragon, a S’Kra Mur, begins
547 BL Reign of Ellington, a Human, begins
540 BL Reign of Hresoch, a Dwarf, begins
539 BL A group of Dwarven Imperial dignitaries is sent to HighHold in the hopes of "swaying them from their stubborn path."
538 BL Hresoch's dignitaries are sent back to Throne City by HighHold
533 BL Reign of Arthitu, an Elf, begins
526 BL Reign of Niedave, an Elothean, begins
519 BL Reign of Demin II, a Halfling, begins
512 BL Reign of Gragna II, a Gor’Tog, begins
505 BL Reign of Grathhkep, a S’Kra Mur, begins
500 BL Commander Galen and his followers establish the Stone Clan
498 BL Reign of Hermothius, a Human, begins
497 BL Frustrated with what he calls Imperial stagnation, Hermothius orders simultaneous new attacks on HighHold and the Western Outlands
493 BL --Hermothius is killled during a nighttime raid while inspecting his army in the west
--Reign of Theksaal II, a Dwarf, begins
492 BL The second siege of HighHold is stopped; the western armies remain in place
486 BL Reign of Arcadius, an Elf, begins
485 BL The Imperial Capital is changed from Throne City to Elamiri causing outrage among the other races
484 BL Rioting begins in Throne City and Darkstone
482 BL Several would-be assassins of the Emperor are executed
480 BL Sithsia enters Lord Ellington's service
479 BL --Reign of Colvastus, an Elothean, begins
--The immediate return of Throne City as capital is ordered
478 BL Trade sanctions are placed on Morganae, as she is ordered to cease her political meddling
472 BL Reign of Liicca, a Halfling, begins
465 BL Reign of Vithwok II, a Gor’Tog, begins
459 BL Lord Ellington and the merchant Verik have several skirmishes
458 BL Reign of Zayoshsa, a S’Kra Mur, begins
456 BL Ellington demands Imperial soldiers resolve the conflict with Verik, but Zayoshsa claims it's a personal matter
451 BL Reign of Velzeac, a Human, begins
449 BL Ellington, now extraordinarily old, begins all-out war with Verik
448 BL --Ellington's son is killed; the two armies are killed off
--The Forest of Night is created by Sithsia
444 BL Reign of Thekves, a Dwarf, begins
438 BL The Elven Delegation votes to temporarily remove the Mountain Elf contingent
437 BL Reign of Wellumon, an Elf, begins
430 BL Reign of Cedasye II, an Elothean, begins
423 BL Reign of Frendollur, a Halfling, begins
416 BL Reign of Vithwok III (called the Happy) , a Gor’Tog, begins
414 BL After determining that a massive celebration must be held to honor the 500th year, Vithwok starts making preparations.
410 BL The entire year is proclaimed a festival year as a prelude to the 500th. Singers, poets, storytellers, dancers, and other entertainers come to Throne City in droves.
409 BL Reign of Merthamone Vanaya, a S’Kra Mur, begins
408 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose
404 BL The Vanaya family estate is destroyed
403 BL The Zaulfung Stones are erected
402 BL Reign of Tobias Redthorne, a Human, begins
401 BL Vast resources are directed into strengthening the Imperial fleet
398 BL The Imperial fleet is victorious in battle with one of the pirate clans
397 BL --The pirates suffer catatrophic defeat in the Battle of the Crimson Waves, but Tobias' flagship sinks
--Reign of Glinska, a Dwarf, begins
390 BL Reign of Yashdus II, an Elf, begins
389 BL Trade sanctions on Morganae are released
383 BL Reign of Makudious, an Elothean, begins
376 BL Reign of Seromond, a Halfling, begins
369 BL Reign of Olga, a Gor’Tog, begins
362 BL Reign of Opyur, a S’Kra Mur, begins
358 BL --Opyur is assassinated.
--Reign of Javaenna, a Human, begins
351 BL Reign of Garnust, a Dwarf, begins
344 BL Reign of Lelamos, an Elf, begins
337 BL Reign of Surleerik, an Elothean, begins
330 BL Reign of Peroibo, a Halfling, begins
323 BL Reign of Vridash, a Gor’Tog, begins
316 BL Reign of Basikha, a S’Kra Mur, begins
309 BL Reign of Solagard Theren, a Human, begins
302 BL Reign of Skadhren, a Dwarf, begins
295 BL Reign of Therithien, an Elf, begins
291 BL Reign of Colvastus II, an Elothean, begins
286 BL Reign of Duniver, a Halfling, begins
280 BL The Kin Strife period begins
279 BL Reign of Grudish, a Gor’Tog, begins
274 BL Reign of Kahtalhh, a S’Kra Mur, begins
273 BL --Fearing for his life, Kahtalhh flees Throne City
--Reign of Nardosien, a Human, begins
272 BL Reign of Saranell III, a Dwarf, begins
266 BL --Saranell III is killed when rioting erupts during a parade
--Reign of Bellisterker the Mad, an Elf, begins
257 BL After seven years, Bellisterker refuses to give up the throne
258 BL --Bellisterker is killed by his bodyguards
--Reign of Klyudor, an Elothean, begins
256 BL Rioting in Throne City increases
255 BL Sh'kial forms the Dragon Priest Cult
253 BL Despite Klyudor's attempts to stop the Strife, Imperial decay worsens
251 BL Reign of Cambedika, a Halfling, begins
248 BL Half the Elven Delegation is assassinated
247 BL People begin abandoning Throne City
246 BL --Fearing to select anyone else, the Gor'Tog Delegation sends a young boy to the throne
--Reign of Vithwok IV, known as Vithwok the Young, begins. A Regent, Selyan, is appointed.
243 BL Vithwok IV is deposed by his Regent
241 BL Corik the Black Cloud becomes the Ferdahl
240 BL Lacking funds to maintain the city and hearing rumors of approaching armies, Throne City is abandoned by all save Regent Selyan
239 BL Teiro attacks Throne City


DATE EVENTS 239 BL --The Resistance War begins
--Teiro attempts to conquer the rest of the Seven Star Empire. Darkstone falls to Teiro.
238 BL --Lanival raises a small force to fight against Teiro
--Corik and Morganae ally with each other
237 BL --Lanival gains the support of a S'Kra Mur tribe, greatly increasing his strength
--Uthmor is rescued and begins his training under Benjor
--Construction begins on the city of Shard
236 BL --Darkstone falls to Lanival after a protracted battle between the two armies
-- Delegate Nissa, a survivor of the assassination, defects to Lanival
235 BL Governor Jelstad of Therengia joins with Lanival
234 BL --Teiro suffers a defeat in the Battle of the Segoltha
--Uthmor becomes General of Lanival's army
232 BL --Ka'len dies in an ambush
--Shard is completed
231 BL --Lanival is captured by Teiro's troops
--Nissa gives herself up to free Lanival. She is executed.
--The Battle of the Spine takes place. Teiro dies, ending the Resistance War
230 BL --The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar).
--Construction begins on the Crossing.
--Reign of Prince Blaeduan Guemos of Zoluren begins
--Governor Jelstad Theren of Therengia takes the title of Baron
229 BL The Hounds of Rutilor is established
228 BL King Ruahhgi of Ratha creates the Merchant Council
227 BL The Merchant Council establishes the Trade Calendar, reenabling accurate recordkeeping
224 BL The modern-day Empath Guild is established
225 BL --Muspar'i is completed
--Reign of Queen Shorka of Velaka begins
210 BL Borrugar Steadfoot disappears
208 BL The Dragon Priests begin constructing a temple near Wyvern Mountain
205 BL --Sh'kial is killed
--Dzree becomes the High Priestess of the World Dragon
203 BL --The Dragon Priests begin raiding mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia
--Baron Jelstad dies
--Reign of Baron Bamiec Theren begins
201 BL --Prince Blaeduan dies
--Reign of Prince Aesetani Guemos of Zoluren begins
202 BL Missionaries from Wyvern Mountain depart for Velaka and Qi
198 BL --Ferdahl Corik attempts to purge the Dragon Priests from Ilithi, but they outmaneuver his army
--Shard falls to the Dragon Priests and is razed
197 BL --Ferdahl Corik leads a raid on the Priests' concentration camps
--Dzree attacks HighHold
196 BL --The Stone Clan sentinels are created
--Dzree recalls her forces from HighHold in failure
195 BL --The Dark Hand is created in South Ilithi/Adamantia, destroying the land
--HighHold is isolated
--The Vykathi are created
194 BL --The Dragon Priests assault the Crossing
193 BL --The Hounds of Rutilor are wiped out
--Prince Aesetani dies in battle
--The Crossing falls to the Dragon Priests
192 BL --The Fae "Frostweavers" are summoned by the Dragon Priests
--Dzree has the Guemos family executed publically
191 BL With two of the Five Provinces under their control, the Dragon's Empire is established as a theocracy Dzree as Empress/High Priestess

V. The Dragon's Empire

191 BL The Dragon's Empire is established
190 BL Riverhaven falls to the Dragon Priests
189 BL The Baron's Guard battles the Dragon Priests near present-day El'Bain's Stop
188 BL The Baron's Guard are defeated south of Therenborough's walls
187 BL --Baron Bamiec and his soldiers flee Therenborough
--Therenborough falls to the Dragon Priests
186 BL --Baron Bamiec is executed
--Young Kerehald Theren is carried away
184 BL The Priest scholar Miele publishes his first theorum
183 BL --King Qethakem of Ratha dies
--Reign of King Arhekesaar of Ratha begins
182 BL The Dragon Priests begin their Bardic genocide
179 BL The Ru'atin Peri'el flee from the Dragon Priests to Surlaenis Island
173 BL King Arhekesaar of Ratha dies
172 BL The Merchant Council surrenders Qi to the Dragon Priests
170 BL Corik's Tomb is constructed
169 BL The Empire begins confining others to prison islands
165 BL The Priests begin creation of a fleet of ships in Ratha
162 BL The Empire attempts to conquer Mer'Kresh, but is defeated
160 BL The bulk of Surlaenis Island falls to the Empire, but they are unable to pass the Selhin Ilga and the Sentinels to take the main city
158 BL HighHold is destroyed by its isolation and the Dark Hand
157 BL A great celebration is held by the Empire to mark the destruction of HighHold
155 BL The fugitive Neithrel is captured by the Empire
111 BL Waemirit Denesal is born
103 BL --Kerehald Theren I dies
--Jeladric Theren I becomes Baron
100 BL The Empire attempts to conquer Leth Deriel, and fails
70 BL The Empire makes a second attempt to conquer Leth Deriel, after substantially rebuilding their forces
69 BL The Empire's army at Leth Deriel is defeated
65 BL --Jeladric Theren I dies
--Varahad Theren becomes Baron
50 BL Alec the Phoenix takes on the leadership of the Elotheans
27 BL Falstad Theren is born
4 BL Sithsia delivers her prophecy to Dzree
3 BL --Dzree dies
--Neithrel escapes from his imprisonment
--Baron Falstad of Therengia and King Baulsir of Kwarlog lead a united army against the Dragon Priests in the north
--Ferdahl Alec leads the Elotheans against the Dragon Priests in the south
2 BL --The Dragon Priest hierarchy begins infighting for the throne
--Neithrel joins with Savrin and rallies a force against the Empire
1 BL The Dragon's Empire crumbles

VI. Modern Times

1 BL The Dragon's Empire crumbles
0 BL Open warfare breaks out between the Dragon Priests in Qi
1 AV --The Zoluren monarchy is restored
--Reign of Prince Waemirit Denesal of Zoluren (called Venerable Waemirit) begins
8 AV --Prince Waemirit dies
--Reign of Prince Puestan Denesal of Zoluren begins
18 AV The wealthiest merchant families of Qi ally to defeat the Dragon Priests
20 AV The North Ilithi Gondola is created by Queen Morganae
22 AV --The Dragon Priests in Qi are defeated.
--The Council of Advisors is established
38 AV --Prince Puestan dies
--Reign of Prince Henukais Denesal of Zoluren begins
40 AV Aesthene arrives in the Crossing
42 AV --Aesthene's Close is completed
--Aesthene departs the Crossing on a new journey
45 AV --Baron Falstad I dies
--Reign of Baron Paumar Theren begins
49 AV The Therengia-Kwarlog War begins
57 AV --The Kwarlogians win in the Battle of Gemfire's Gates
--Baron Paumar hangs himself
--Reign of Baron Artosh begins
62 AV Aesthene returns to the Crossing
63 AV --Unable to sustain the city, the Kwarlogians abandon Hvaral
--Therengian occupation of Hvaral begins
64 AV A treaty is signed between Therengia and Kwarlog, ending the war.
78 AV Ratha besieges the Crossing over trade disputes
79 AV --The Crossing's siege is lifted
--Arthe Dale is established
81 AV Aesthene's Close is destroyed
82 AV --Riots erupt in the Crossing. Prince Henukais is deposed.
--Reign of Prince Keogath Chelochi of Zoluren begins
87 AV --Baron Artosh dies
--Reign of Baron Falstad Theren II begins
103 AV --Prince Keogath dies
--Reign of Prince Loraemor Chelochi I of Zoluren begins
106 AV The Faldesu Conflict begins involving borders disputes between Zoluren and Therengia
107 AV The Conflict comes to a head and actual fighting breaks out near Sicle Grove
108 AV A summit is held in Darkstone, and a treaty is signed between Zoluren and Therengia
121 AV --Baron Falstad II dies
--Reign of Baron Larausal Theren begins
130 AV --Prince Loraemor I dies
--Reign of Prince Caduan Chelochi of Zoluren begins
157 AV --Baron Larausal dies
--Reign of Baron Falstad Theren III begins
165 AV --Prince Caduan dies
--Reign of Prince Loraemor Chelochi II of Zoluren begins
177 AV Houses Alshaerd and Sorvendig begin acquiring power
184 AV --Baron Falstad III dies
--Reign of Jeladric Theren II begins
196 AV The Zoluren Civil War begins
198 AV --Prince Loraemor II dies
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig I of Zoluren begins
200 AV A barge service is established between Riverhaven and the firth
202 AV --Prince Belirendrick I is deposed and imprisoned
--Reign of Prince Tragweth Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
205 AV --Baron Jeladric II dies
--Reign of Baron Ibec Theren IV begins
216 AV --Baron Ibec IV dies
--Reign of Baron Kerehald Theren II begins
224 AV --Prince Tragweth dies
--Reign of Princess Kenaetais Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
240 AV Monk Langen arrives at the firth
242 AV Langen opens his brewery
249 AV The Mage of Storms leaves Shard
250 AV --Princess Anlorahle of North Ilithi is assassinated
--The gondola ceases operation. Southern Ilithi's trade with Zoluren declines, though it maintains contact with Qi and Forfedhdar
251 AV --Baron Kerehald II dies
--Reign of Jeladric Theren III begins
252 AV The Halfling Marachek and his family establish Fayrin's Rest
256 AV The Mage of Storms returns to Shard, and is killed. His stormcloud remains over Dertalriosh Endaertheal'a
266 AV Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix dies. The Three declare a twenty-five year period of mourning
267 AV --Princess Keraetais dies
--Reign of Prince Mysimos Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
275 AV --Baron Jeladric III dies
--Reign of Baron Kaudric Theren begins
276 AV Belirendrick Sorvendig weds Lady Mieth Chelochi
277 AV --The Greater Fist of Heaven erupts
--Darkstone is destroyed, along with the Alshaerd estates
278 AV The civil war renews in Zoluren
279 AV Lady Mieth gives birth to Geraedren Sorvendig
280 AV --A Ranger's Guildhall in Langenfirth is established
--Prince Mysimos is killed
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig II of Zoluren begins
281 AV --Aurilae Cui'Gweld is killed at Fayrin's Rest while delaying an army of trolls
--Reign of Ferdahl Kukalakai begins
283 AV Princess Mieth gives birth to a son, named Belirendrick
296 AV Lady Geraedren Sorvendig (17) weds Tegistan of House Tirof
297 AV --Baron Kaudric dies
--Reign of Baron Solimar Theren begins
300 AV --Prince Belirendrick II dies
--Reign of Prince Tegistan Sorvendig of Zoluren begins
305 AV Ditsworth takes over operation of the Riverhaven-Langenfirth barge. The Floating Casino is created
307 AV --Prince Tegistan dies of illness
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig III of Zoluren begins (24)
308 AV Princess Geraedren (29) gives birth to Sirolarn Sorvendig. She dies in childbirth.
318 AV --Baron Solimar dies
--Reign of Baron Jeladric Theren IV begins
320 AV Suza Corwyn is kidnapped
321 AV Breakaways from Knife Clan form the Gor'Tog Tiger Clan
330 AV Wolf Clan ends its wandering after establishing a clanhome
332 AV Promado Village is destroyed in a plague
334 AV Prince Belirendrick III (51) weds Lady Selan Weyato
335 AV Vorclaf Sorvendig is born
342 AV Zoluren's High Council is established
349 AV The Crossing Bard Guildhall is reopened following the deaths of Siryn and Tenebraus
350 AV The North Ilithi Gondola resumes operation
351 AV --Sicle Grove Village is destroyed by an eruption of the Greater Fist of Heaven
--A Mirror Wraith delivers a prophecy
352 AV --Arhat's Tower is destroyed--Mibgluc is driven into hiding
353 AV --The Crossing and Riverhaven Warrior Mage Guildhalls are rebuilt
--The Riverhaven Bard Guild is rebuilt
354 AV --The Gorbesh War begins
--The jadeite and kyanite mines are destroyed
356 AV --A summit is held in Leth Deriel between the Provincial Governments and the terrorist L'Karm group
--An obelisk is excavated near Therenborough
357 AV Refugees of the Kaldar and Gnomes arrive from the southwest; the remnants of the Prydaen and Rakash arrive from the west
358 AV --The Kingdom of Andreshlew rises to the Reshal Sea surface for the Feast of Eluned
--Therengia signs an alliance with Andreshlew
359 AV --House Valsef rebels against Therengia
--Sorrow begins attacks in an attempt to retrieve a book
360 AV Prince Belirendrick III (77) is assissinated
361 AV Reign of Prince Sirolarn Sorvendig of Zoluren begins
362 AV --The Moon Mage Guild's High Council is assassinated
--An artifact is activated on Taisgath Island, releasing Tezirah. She is sent back into the Plane of Probability.
363 AV --Sorrow is killed at the Zaulfung Stones
--Therengian forces occupy parts of Zoluren in retaliation for Zoluren's invasion of Therengia while chasing Sorrow
364 AV --Prince Sirolarn is executed
--Reign of Prince Vorclaf Sorvendig of Zoluren (29) begins
--Therengian forces withdraw from Zoluren