Long Winter

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The Long Winter was an abnormal weather pattern that lasted three years. Although details about it are extremely sketchy, it would appear to be a set of unusually long winters and unseasonably cold summers that were severe enough to cause crop failures. Even though such an event would of disastrous for everyone, the Long Winter is oddly only spoken of in the S'Kra Mur and Gor'Tog racial histories.

The three years proved to be a particularly miserable time for the S'Kra Mur and it marked the beginning of a long downslide for their culture which had been at a relative high point. The reptilian people found the weather particularly trying in terms of both temperature and nutrition. As their food reserves dwindled, the mainland S'Kra Mur were forced to turn out their Gor'Tog workers to fend for themselves, but starvation was still widespread.

The S'Kra Mur were so weakened by the Long Winter that they were easily pulled into the Elven-Human War, despite having no interest in the conflict, with Elven diplomatic promises and riches. The losses suffered in that war only ended up further hampering the recovery of the S'Kra Mur, and turned into a contributing factor for them to capitulate to the Seven Star Empire when it arose shortly afterward.