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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: The Ram
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Mauk
Relatives: Lirum (wife), Verek (son)

Leader of the Ram Clan. United the clans, which became foundation for Empire. Had ten children with his wife, Lirum. Died in a snowy battle in the wild northern wastes that lie beyond Therengia. Succeeded by his son, Verek, the first Emperor of the Seven Star Empire.

One of his best warriors was Mauk.

Timeline of Major Events involving Akroeg

  • 953 BL Chief Akroeg begins expanding the Ram Clan by conquering other clans
  • 920 BL Akroeg begins conquering southern Therengia.
  • 910 BL Akroeg dies in battle. Verek becomes Chieftain of the Ram Clan
  • 909 BL The First Session is held by Verek, Moliko, Baraliban, and Lirum as plans for the Seven Star Empire unfold