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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: emperor
Relatives: Akroeg (father), Lirum (mother)

Son of Akroeg and Lirum. First Emperor (908-901 BL) of the Seven Star Empire.


  • 953 BL Chief Akroeg begins expanding the Ram Clan by conquering other clans
  • 920 BL Akroeg begins conquering southern Therengia.
  • 910 BL Akroeg dies in battle. Verek becomes Chieftain of the Ram Clan
  • 909 BL The First Session is held by Verek, Moliko, Baraliban, and Lirum as plans for the Seven Star Empire unfold
  • 908 BL
-The Seven Star Empire is created; Verek is the first Emperor.
-Moliko begins her famed Codex
  • 907 BL The Verekian Calendar is established and unveiled in a grand festival
  • 905 BL Moliko's Codex is completed
  • 901 BL
-Verek relinquishes the throne
-Reign of Empress Taratochs, a Dwarf, begins
-Construction on Throne City begins by the Dwarves and Gor'Togs.

Artwork & Depections

Steelclaw Clan Tapestry

In the Therenborough Room of the Kirm Morzindu Arena:

The tapestry pictures a woman and a man standing before a throng with the bannered towers of Therenborough in the background. Across the top are the words "The Abolition of the Clans". Below the feet of the woman, whose arms are raised high in proclamation, is the name Lirum, and under the feet of the younger man is the name Verek.

GM Evike's Office Mask

In the Atelier of the office of GM Evike:

A damascened mask of the stylized face of the first Emperor Verek wrought in palladium.
The likeness of a strong-jawed human male has been wrought in shining palladium. Eyes have been made out of gleaming onyx, while a small smile of superiority graces the lips giving the mask a smug look.

Therenborough Statue

Found outside the gate of the Trigomas estate in northern Theren:

"In the center of the road is a bronze statue of a young Human male holding a longsword in one hand and a scale in the other. Encircling the statue is a ring of shrubs."
<look>: A plaque upon the marble pedestal the statue stands on reads, "Noble Verek, first lord of the Empire."