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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Participant in First Session of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, following the death of Akroeg, which also included Verek, Lirum, Moliko, and others.

Emperor (880-873 BL) after Moliko the Balance and before Gragna the Builder.

  • 878 BL King Zsehhdu of Ratha signs a treaty with Emperor Baraliban, bringing Reshalia into the Seven Star Empire
  • 877 BL The Gor'Togs on Reshalia Island are freed from slavery

"As gracious as Baraliban"

From the book, "Dwarven Expressions" by Rirl Threwsvadh:

When it came time for the Seven-Pointed Star to be formed by Verek and his council, they wanted... needed, I should say, for the Dwarves to join up. But the Dwarves at that time were hesitant. They had suffered greatly by getting involved in the affairs of others during the Elven-Human War, some of them had even been warred upon by the chieftain Akroeg -- they were not eager to involve themselves further. But, the Dwarves formed a delegation, and sent it to meet with Verek's council and members of the other races. This delegation was led by the famous Taratochs the Wide-Armed, a heroine of the Elven-Human War.

Initially, the Dwarves found the idea of the Empire to be foolishness, and they resisted quite thoroughly, with all the force that Taratochs had used to cleave Elven skulls during the battles. The other racial delegations were furious, as were most of Verek's council... except for one man. Baraliban, a member of that council, Baraliban the Halfling. While others screamed bitter words and shook fists, Baraliban got up and stood upon the oak table. All fell silent as he spoke, addressing the Dwarves, pleading with them to join the Empire and work towards the unity and peace. When he was finished, he bowed low to the Dwarves, got down, and sat upon his seat again.

This is accounted a matter of disarming politeness by the attending Dwarves, who communicate the anecdote back home. In subsequent years it becomes a common Dwarven catchphrase to describe other people and things.