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Status: Unknown
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Forest of Night
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Note: This page is a stub because there is a lot to tell about Sithsia. Much more than what is currently here.

Very old and powerful mage. Featured in the book The Forest of Night. Helped to erect the Zaulfung Stones along with Farn's Company. Prophesied the death of Dzree. Created the Forest of Night near Leth Deriel.

Around the time of Sorrow's War, was seen visiting Sorrow. Supposedly the two know each other from a long time back.

Timeline entries featuring Sithsia

  • 4 BL Sithsia delivers her prophecy to Dzree
  • 449 BL Forest of the Night is created from Sithsia's madness
  • 449 BL Sithsia goes mad when Ellington's son is killed in war
  • 449 BL Lord Ellington wars with neighboring merchant
  • 459 BL Lord Ellington and the merchant Verik have several skirmishes
  • 480 BL Sithsia enters Lord Ellington's service