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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Unknown
Type: emperor

Emperor Grudish, a Gor'Tog, ruled the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star at the beginning of the Kin Strife, a time when the races of the Empire began turning on one another. It was Grudish that was confronted by the Ram Clan Chieftan Kaegath when the Ram Clan withdrew from the Empire.

From the book "The Human Clans"

...when the Empire began crumbling... when that hideous time known as the Kin Strife came about, the people of the Ram grew outraged. It was they who had originally struggled to bring about the Empire, and to see it decay so brought pain to their hearts, and the honor they had held. This was under the time of Kaegath the Chieftain. The Chieftains of the Ram Clan were always given a special place of honor within the Empire, due to the stature of Chieftain Verek -- they had special rights. So Kaegath marched directly into the hall of the Emperor within the Palace, unimpeded by soldiers, until he came face to face with the Emperor, the massive hulk of a man that was Grudish. Drawing his sword, Kaegath threw it down at Grudish's feet. Drawing off his ramshide mantle, he threw it at Grudish's feet. And then Kaegath swore before the startled assembly of the lords and the Emperor, quivering with rage, that the people of Ram Clan would no longer follow the Empire -- they were free, they were leaving.


286 BL Reign of Duniver, a Halfling, begins
280 BL The Kin Strife period begins
279 BL Reign of Grudish, a Gor'Tog, begins
274 BL Reign of Kahtalhh, a S'Kra Mur, begins