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Status: Historical Figure
Relatives: Zirelga, Tamris
  • Spouse of Tamris; parent to Zirelga
  • Has a bridge named in their honor in Mer'Kresh, the Sahra Bridge, in the NE part of town.

Historical References

  • 1007 BL Tamris and Sahra lead a group of Elves away from Leth Deriel to escape the war
  • 1001 BL Tamris and Sahra's followers settle on M'Riss.
  • There is no romance in war. The bards may sing of valiant deeds and brilliant battles, of courage, vanquished evil, and glory. Blood and terror, sorrow and loss don't earn a warm space by the fire or a tankard of mead for the belly. Petty spats and struggles for power between the nobility mean no more than a burnt home and dead sons to the commoner. And so it was for Tamris and Sahra, who led a group of refugees in flight from the War of Tears, across the sea to their new homeland, M'Riss (CT-1007).