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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Nissa

Born of good Elven breeding and fought in Elven-Human wars as a scout. Earned many promotions for ability, but was unhappy with dwarven "reparations". Tried to be happy by marrying, having children, and tending to a plot of land and peasants until wife (whom he was close to) died in a moongate mishap.

Wife was a powerful wizard and member of Elven council. Nissa, their daughter, filled the spot on the council. Teiro was elected leader of the Elven Nation -- the Voice. He began to build an army, to which some, including his daughter objected. He killed most and bullied Nissa into silence.

Fought for twelve years against Lanival before he was killed by Lanival, using Skullcleaver, himself. During the war, Teiro had Nissa killed.

  • 239 BL
    • The Resistance War begins
    • Teiro attempts to conquer the rest of the Seven Star Empire. Darkstone falls to Teiro.
  • 231 BL

Around 350 AV (roughly 600 years after he was supposedly killed by Lanival), rumors began to circulate that Teiro was still alive and was raising a new army.

Trading Card

Teiro was an Elven lord that attempted to take advantage of the corruption and collapse within the Empire to stage a military coup. His invasion of Throne City sparked a huge war among the various factions still retaining any power, but Teiro's preparedness and superior forces gave him the upper hand -- he was able to take control of most of the Empire's major cities. He finally met his match, though, and was killed during the final battle of the Resistance War.

GM Evike's Office Statue

In the Foyer of the office of GM Evike:

an alabaster statue of the stylized likeness of Teiro
Although made of exquisite, translucent white alabaster, the artisan has captured a rugged look about Teiro. His pale hair and skin contrast with the two dark ovals of almhara that have been placed for eyes. The stance of the statue recalls a general rallying his troops with a vibrant speech.