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The World Dragon hatched from Grazhir, the fourth moon of the planet Elanthia. The pieces of the moon caused catastrophic damage to the surface of Elanthia. How the World Dragon ended up in Grazhir is unknown, however some suspect the Immortal's darker aspects, such as Huldah.

The World Dragon fed from the inner fire of Elanthia which would kill the planet. Truffenyi pointed out that if the Dragon finished with Elanthia, it would most likely move onto the sun. The Immortals gathered and attempted to battle the Dragon, but were unable to overcome it. Katamba is said to have been burned to it's blackened state during this battle.

In one final assault, the Immortals were able to weaken the World Dragon. Phelim then ambushed the Dragon and used his sands to put it to sleep. The Dragon was then placed within the center of Elanthia to give it the heat that it had drained. Peri'el descended with it and continues to sing to keep asleep.

At various times in the past, Dragon worship has been a major religion of Elanthia. The Dragon Priests are an excellent example of this.

Trading Card

The World Dragon is terrible and yet beautiful to behold. Its scales glitter like black metal, and its claws are thick and razor sharp. It is all but indestructible, its maw as wide as some mountain ranges and its tail stretching from horizon to horizon. Its eyes are a glowing pool of red, its pupils slit horizontal, and its wings are leathery and long, able to blot out the very sun.


ItemSource isRare item
Ceramic Faire rosette with two silvery silk ribbons depending from ittrue
Cloak adorned in three bejeweled moons surrounded by diamond shardsWeather Beaters (1)Weather Beaters (2)true
Dragon (1)Heavenly Entrances (1)true
Dragon claw necklace cut from polished black coralMarine Marvels (1)Marine Marvels (2)true
Embossed copper armbandMother Marilla's Clerical Suppliestrue
Embroidered cloak depicting a mighty lion in battle against the World DragonOutcast Military Surplustrue
Fanciful painting depicting the World Dragon hatching from GrazhirMob Mentality (2)true
Gold-edged katar with a rainbow hematite hiltQuest for Kanton's Daggertrue
Gold-hilted greatsword with the World Dragon engraved down the bladeElvisian's Guild Emporiumtrue
Hickory-hilted greatsword with the World Dragon engraved down the bladeBasket of colored dartsDrathrok's Duskruin 419/Incidental lootMegaSafari 413 game prizestrue
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