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Location: Ratha
Known For: Heroes, Sailors
Active: Yes

The last clan to remain completely upon the Qi islands, the S'Kra Mur Tail Clan are a rich and proud clan, but have kept quiet in recent years. Their greatest hero is Sarkhhl Smo'neh, who united Reshalia under his banner and founded the line of Rathan kings. They are also a seafaring clan and were closely involved with the Fangs of Ushnish. Very demanding, they still exile those members that don't live up to their high standards.

Noted to have a great fortress in the mountains above Ratha.

Known Members

Name Status Notes
Avaar Deceased Renowned poetess.
Sarkhhl Deceased Greatest hero. First Reshalian King.
Urshaanin Deceased Philosopher that presented the The Singularity.
Zhakrhhn Deceased Former Poho of the clan.
Zharhati Smolakh Deceased Matriarch admitted early in life due to intellectual accomplishments.


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