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Merthamone Vanaya
Status: Historical Figure
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Female
Type: emperor
Associates: Yeluenne, Farn, Zhakrhhn, Yalvache, Rothpen, Sanno, Sithsia

Leader of the Empire at time of the creation of the Zaulfung Stones by Farn's Company (ca. -400). Skra.

Her family estate was located within the Zaulfung Swamps.

Was the subject of some of the Ring Visions. Yeluenne was her personal Empath. Lady Marshal Yalvache worked for her. Zhakrhhn, the Poho of Sraan Smolg, was awarded the Seven Spears by her for saving her life in an ambush. Lord Rothpen was a contemporary. Sanno met with her, representing his important master.


416 BL Reign of Vithwok III (called the Happy) , a Gor'Tog, begins
414 BL After determining that a massive celebration must be held to honor the 500th year, Vithwok starts making preparations.
410 BL The entire year is proclaimed a festival year as a prelude to the 500th. Singers, poets, storytellers, dancers, and other entertainers come to Throne City in droves.
409 BL Reign of Merthamone Vanaya, a S'Kra Mur, begins
408 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose
404 BL The Vanaya family estate is destroyed
403 BL The Zaulfung Stones are erected
402 BL Reign of Tobias Redthorne, a Human, begins

GM Evike's Office Mask

In the Atelier of the office of GM Evike:

An etched keismin mask in a stylized likeness of the S'Kra Mur Empress Merthamone.
Made of blackened keismin, in the visage of a S'Kra Mur woman with detailing in silver to outline the scaling this mask has been designed to give off an air of regal bearing while glittering faceted eyes of emerald catch available light, giving a playful sparkle to the mask.