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Status: Dead
Aliases: the Black Cloud
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: ferdahl

Elothean Ferdahl. It was once thought that Corik would be one of the greatest Ferdahls in history, but in the end, his disastrous rule had given the Dragon Priests the opening they needed to conquer all the lands.

Among his other accomplishments, Corik constructed the city of Shard with the assistance of with Queen Morganae. Also built a stone wall (ca. 180 BL) to keep back the Dark Hand, where the Emerald Knights now stand watch.

Remained neutral during Lanival's war though he wanted to fight.

Following his exile from Ilithi, helped Stone Clan in dealing with The Biter.


241 BL --Corik the Black Cloud becomes the Ferdahl
238 BL --Corik and Morganae ally with each other to build Shard
203 BL --The Dragon Priest War begins with raids on mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia
198 BL --Ferdahl Corik attempts to purge the Dragon Priests from Ilithi, but they outmaneuver his army
198 BL --Shard falls to the Dragon Priests and is razed
197 BL --Ferdahl Corik leads a raid on the Priests' concentration camps
191 BL --Dragon Priest Empire officially established
170 BL --Corik's Tomb is constructed

From Elothean Studies

A Warrior Mage by ability and nature, Corik went against his people's wishes by entering into war against the usurpers of the Empire. The battles that raged drained the Eloth nation -- though not nearly as badly as the ill-fated Human-Elven wars -- and left them wide open for the onslaught of the Dragon Priests. In a crushing lightning-move, the Dragon Priests took the crown city, took Corik hostage, and then moved on to snatch at nearly half of the rest of the Empire's collapsing demesnes. Ripe for the plucking, the realms fell into their clutches like gold coins in a dragon's fist.

Corik vanished a few years later, taking himself into exile for the shame he had brought to the Eloths. Dark years followed....

Corik's Quest

Corik's Quest was a pay-quest that took adventurers to the icy island of Meshor to search for Corik's Tomb.