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Pale Cleareye
Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: ferdahl
Relatives: Vurma

Pale Cleareye was the Ferdahl around the beginning of the Human-Elven War. Cautioned his daughter and successor, Vurma, not to enter into the wars, but she disregarded his advice and entered into the Human-Elven War.


One version

1140 BL
-- Ferdahl Diaesele dies
-- Reign of Ferdahl Pale Cleareye begins
1045 BL - Ferdahl Pale dies
--Reign of Ferdahl Vurma Redfisted begins

Another version

-1008 Kanton marries Sorril
-1008 Human/Elven War begins
--1008 Ferdahl Pale Cleareye dies
-1008 Reign of Ferdahl Vurma the Redfisted begins

From Elothean Studies by Lorethew Mattew Zakiel

750 years of peace and time's passage ~~ Start of the Human-Elven Wars ~~

Pale watched carefully the goings-on of the Clan Wars, reluctant to join in their doings. By the time of his death, the Clan wars had reached a boiling point, and were moving to his area of the world. On his deathbed he instructed his daughter, "...if you do anything my child, turn the tide any way you can. Enter not in war, oh, child, take not that burden upon thee..."

Vurma did not heed her father's advice; of course, she was also a mere ten years old when she heard it. By the time she was forty, she had joined the Elves in the Elven-Human Wars and supplied them with ten thousand of her troops. Except for bandit skirmishes, this was the first war the Elotheans had ever entered, and the result was like a shockwave through the scholarly folk. Vurma assumed that if she did a few lightning attacks against the flagging Human forces, they would swiftly fall. Unfortunately, she had not anticipated the Dwarven support of the Humans, nor the Gor'Tog support, and by the time she was forty-six, she had spent nearly a hundred thousand men and women, and the war was nowhere near ending. Two houses were destroyed by the draining, mis-named Human-Elven wars, and the Elothean race seriously depleted by the time the war ended...with the Humans as victors. But the victory was hollow, and recovery was slow to follow.

Vurma was the first of the Elothean Ferdahl to relinquish her diadem. She killed herself in shame, saying that it, "...was only suiting that the leader should follow the wide path her people had trodden down before her."

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts the twelfth Ferdahl as a supremely wise-looking man in the classical Elothean style.