Fire Clan

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The title of Fire Clan is something of a misnomer, as there was never really was a singular body known as Fire Clan.

After the Gathering of the earliest practitioners of elemental magic by Firulf, many of the mages left the Grove to found communities of like-minded mages who focused their studies on a particular element, Earth, Air, Water, or Fire (Aether and Electricity being 'undiscovered' at the time). None of these clans were known exclusively as the Water Clan or the Fire Clan, but were known to specialize in that form of elemental magic.

Most of these clans are long forgotten, except for the particular Fire Clan that initially discovered Blackfire and intentionally set out to dominate the other fire-based clans in a bid for power. Thus, sometimes the group known as the Blackfire Cabal is also referred to as Fire Clan.
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