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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: The Balance
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: emperor

Quiet, beautiful Eloth woman. Black hair, silver eyes. Wrote many of the laws of the Empire. Motto "Justice for all". Lanival and many moderns attempt to follow her ideals closely.

Was Emperor twice.

First reign:

Second reign:


  • 905 BL Moliko's Codex is completed
  • 894 BL First reign of Emperor Lenvuc, an Elf, begins. Most suspect his selection by the Elven contingent to be a result of his mother's influence
  • 887 BL First reign of Empress Moliko the Balance, an Elothean, begins.
  • 886 BL The laws of Moliko's Codex are applied uniformly throughout the whole Seven Star Empire
  • 884 BL The Imperial Academy is established. Construction begins.
  • 880 BL Reign of Emperor Baraliban, a Halfling, begins.
  • 859 BL Reign of Ponthilas I, a Human, begins.
  • 854 BL
-Emperor Ponthilas is killed when his boat sinks off the coast of Surlaenis
-Reign of Gredge, a Dwarf, begins
-The release of a Shadowmaster Lord kills Emperor Chezarek.
-Second reign of Empress Moliko begins
  • 839 BL The power of the Imperial Courts is increased greatly
  • 835 BL Attacks begin on the western borders of the Seven Star Empire
  • 834 BL Reign of Emperor Riini, a Halfling, begins

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts a lofty Elothean woman crowned with engraved stars, radiating a sense of power that once ruled seven races.