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Status: Dead
Aliases: Galen Hamarhowr, Galen Hammerhand, Galen Hammerstone
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Kormlada, Trur, Ulstaan

Galen Hammerskin/Hammerhand/Hammerstone/Hamarhowr (he went by various surnames).

Founder of Stone Clan. Before founding Stone Clan, he and a group of fellow dwarves (there were 38 adults) left Rendstaan (also called Rendstone) because of warfare within city between groups competing for power.

Centuries later the dwarves saved a former Ferdahl, Corik, outside of the clan. In return, Corik created the Sentinels (which were later destroyed by Sorrow). Corik also told Galen he was "twice indebted, once repaid" and gave Galen an obsidian stone for use in an emergency. Forty years later when the Biter appeared, they used it to solve that particular problem.

Some of his story is detailed in the book Lairocott Brach.

His wife was Kormlada, and one of his daughters is Trur. He also has a grandson via the male line, named Ulstaan. He passed away in 403 AV.


556 BL A group of Dwarves led by Galen "Hammerstone" leaves Rendstone and enters the Imperial military
500 BL Commander Galen and his followers establish the Stone Clan
403 AV Died

From the Dwarven Timeline

Approximately 900 years ago:

More of Rendstaan:
After much debate, a young warrior, Galen Hammerskin, leads a group of his compatriots, their spouses and children, out of Rendstaan, in disgust. These are the last neutrals left in a city reduced to no more than one hundred thugs belonging a few factions, still vying for power. Hammerskin and his friends agree to enlist in the Imperial armies with the specific request that they not be posted to Dwarven lands.

Approximately 600 years ago:

More of Rendstaan:
Galen of Rendstaan, now known as Galen Hammerhand, leaves the Imperial service, having risen to the rank of a staff officer. He gathers all of the emigrated veterans from Rendstaan and, as unofficial spokesperson, petitions for a place to settle on Imperial lands. He and his wife begin to raise funds.

Stone Clan:
Stone Clan is founded by Galen and Kormlada. Using his knowledge of Imperial administration, Galen secures the charter from authorities "on the terms traditionally granted to the Dwarven peoples."