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Status: Dead
Race: Elf
Gender: Female

Celestidhl, also known as "Mother Celestidhl" or "the Mother," is a mythical and historical figure from Elven history. She and Father Keloryon, her mate, were the first two Elves, created by the gods twelve thousand years before the Victory of Lanival. Celestidhl and Keloryon are the ancestors of all Elves. After Keloryon was killed by Dwarves seven thousand years before the Victory of Lanival, Celestidhl Faded out of grief at the age of five thousand. Celestidhl was nearly one thousand years old when she had her first child, a son, Avaric. Celestidhl and Keloryon had over twenty children together, the fourth of whom was Rili'ki.

For more information, see The Elven Folk.

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts The Mother of All Elves encompassed in a halo of pure light.