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Status: Dead
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon Priest

Sh'kial (sometimes written Sh'kiel)

In Life

Formed during times of discontent and poverty within the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, Sh'kial began his religious movement in the Wyvern Mountains of Ilithi. He brought with him the idea that a dragon sustained by life energy, or inner fire rested within the heart of our world.

He taught that the World Dragon should be appeased and pacified through worship and existential offerings. The sacrifices and rituals performed in its honor would allow the temperamental personality to be controlled and if appeased, the Dragon would cease its rumblings and a golden age of Peace could be achieved. In the corrupt times they lived in, the teachings of Sh'kial's sect were influential and popular among the S'Kra Mur and their beliefs spread far and wide, as evidenced by the Temple of the World Dragon in Muspar'i.

Sh'kial held a good-sized following and for some time, had a devoted protege was a woman named Dzree. She was very close to Sh'kial, but in time, she grew restless with the peaceful offerings and the talk of an age of Peace.


His protege, Dzree diverted from his teachings and began expressing her desire to sacrifice Humans, Elves, and sometimes other S'Kra Mur to the World Dragon. When Sh'kial learned of this, he spoke out against her. In retaliation, she assassinated him in 205 BL, beginning the decline of the sect of Sh'kial as they folded into secrecy beneath the crushing wave that Dzree's Sect became.

Products of the Sect of Sh'kial

Shrine of the World Dragon

According to the Shard, Moonstone Street description, Sh'kial was the builder of the Shrine of the World Dragon:

[Shard, Moonstone Street]
The Bridge of Rooks rears up from the distant east like an exposed spine of black bone arching out of the dark river of cobblestones that is Moonstone Street. Pilgrims in plain garments of woven linen move in a steady line from or to the west, heading for the city gates and the mountain that lies beyond the West Bridge where the famous shrine to the World Dragon -- built by Sh'kial -- lies.
You also see a tall white-domed building.
Obvious paths: east, west.

The World Dragon Temple

Within Sh'kial's Square in Muspar'i stands the dragon-shaped Temple to the World Dragon in Muspar'i, surrounded by a low, rippling golden wall with geometric patterns and elegant Eth'ral'khh glyphs. Noted to have been built during the time of Sh'kial's teachings, Within its walls are several tapestries that depict the history of Muspar'i. An staircase leading below the temple houses Tabelrem, a shard of Grazhir. The moon shard is likely considered a sacred relic to the Dragon Priests, due to their belief that the World Dragon hatched from Grazhir.

[Muspar'i, Sh'kial's Square]
Two great golden dragons, one with a foreleg raised as if in judgement over a petitioner, the other rearing up in protection over those who stand before it, mark the break in the long golden-coiled fence surrounding the Dragon Temple. Beyond the tall wrought-iron fence between them, glimpses of the temple itself can just barely be seen.
Obvious paths: north, west.

[World Dragon Temple]
Wooden racks line the walls of this circular chamber, filled with an assortment of scrolls. Upon the domed ceiling is a masterfully rendered fresco, painted long ago by some unknown artist. There is no moisture present in the air, but a strong, musty odor lingers throughout the area.
You also see a wrought iron staircase and the silvery-white shard Tabelrem.
Obvious exits: none.

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