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Status: Dead
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon Priest

Sh'kial (sometimes written Sh'kiel)

In Life

Sh'kial was the first known leader of the Dragon Priest around the year 255 BV. At the time the Priests that worshipped the Dragon did so by peaceful offerings. Sh'kial brought with him, the idea that the dragon dwells in the heart of their very world.

His most avid student was a woman named Dzree, she was very close to Sh'kial, but in time, she grew restless with the peaceful offerings and the talk of an age of Peace.

In the year 205 BV, Sh'kial was murdered by his student, Dzree and thus the Dragon Priest Empire began and two factions of Dragon Priests began to roam the land. One in secret, one in warfare.

In contrast to Dzree, his religious teachings were far more mild.

Mentioned in Legend of the World Dragon.

According to the Shard, Moonstone Street description, Sh'kial was the builder of the Shrine of the World Dragon:

[Shard, Moonstone Street]
The Bridge of Rooks rears up from the distant east like an exposed spine of black bone arching out of the dark river of cobblestones that is Moonstone Street. Pilgrims in plain garments of woven linen move in a steady line from or to the west, heading for the city gates and the mountain that lies beyond the West Bridge where the famous shrine to the World Dragon -- built by Sh'kial -- lies.
You also see a tall white-domed building.
Obvious paths: east, west.

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