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From Historian Zelka, building upon the work of Zuebara Pulan in the book The Human Clans

One of the very earliest of the Human Clans, Ram Clan was originally established when Humans still lived in the West. For much of its history, it was but one of many, many Human Clans, and not a very remarkable one at that.

When Akroeg became the Chieftain of the Clan, however, he proceeded to conquer several of the other Clans, masterfully winning battle after battle, in diplomacy as well as on the field. Ram Clan grew to be focused upon and dedicated to the ideals of justice and unity, and was a sprawling, powerful Clan.

When Akroeg died, his son Verek became Chieftain, and later, founder of the Seven-Star Empire. Its people remained part of the Empire for much of the Empire's history, but during the time of the kin strife, the people of the Ram grew outraged. It was they who had originally struggled to bring about the Empire, and to see the depths to which it had fallen caused them a mixture of outrage and grief so profound that they could not bear it any longer.

Kaegath, the Chieftain at the time, responded to this by removing his Clan from the Empire. They then traveled deep into the forests of southwest Therengia, where they remain to this day.

While nominally Therengian citizens, modern Ram Clan is largely isolationist, and the Barony has had little reason to intrude upon them to date. Except for some trade here and there, they interact little with the rest of the world, instead holding fast to their traditions, awaiting a time in the future when the world might be inclined to their ways once more.

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