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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Type: emperor

Last known leader of the Seven-Pointed Empire and regent to the last Emperor, Vithwok IV.


251 BL Reign of Cambedika, a Halfling, begins
247 BL People begin abandoning Throne City
246 BL --Fearing to select anyone else, the Gor'Tog Delegation sends a young boy to the throne
--Reign of Vithwok IV, known as Vithwok the Young, begins. A Regent, Selyan, is appointed.
243 BL Vithwok IV is deposed by his Regent
240 BL Lacking funds to maintain the city and hearing rumors of approaching armies, Throne City is abandoned by all save Regent Selyan
239 BL Teiro attacks Throne City

From The Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star, also known as the Fallen Empire (book)

In due time, as all mortal things must, age and time and placidity ate at the roots of the empire. Corruption crept in. Each race became stirred up and began to feel it was being short-shrifted when the other races held the Throne. Small civil wars broke out, then outlying provinces seceded or were annexed by outside realms.

This goaded the Empire back into a semblance of unity as outside attack will oft unite a squabbling family yet not solve the inner problems. There was a brief re-flowering of Empire and it took back and even expanded its borders somewhat. But the rot remained.

In the final years, one great House took the Throne in its due course, but when the time had come to pass on the scepter, it refused and, with the collusion of two other houses, deemed the rest unworthy to hold the Throne.

This resulted in the Kin Strife that lasted for nearly 50 years as the massive Empire slowly tore itself apart. The last known Emperor, a Gor'Tog not yet of adult years, is said by legend to have once been asked by his regent what he would really rather do than be Emperor. The child replied he would prefer to be outside playing with his pet ducks. He was dismissed to do so and the Regent assumed the title of King..but of a powerless and toothless corpse. Within a generation, some 25 others had claimed the kingship, usually over the corpse of the predecessor until the pale remnants of power faded into the dust of history.