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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Hermothius, a Human, was the Emperor of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star from 498 BL until his death in 493 BL. He is remembered for his attack against the Dwarven city of HighHold in the southern mountains. A map of his battle plans for the attack is on display at the Museum of Imperial History in Throne City.

Map in Museum

Glory Days of the Empire Exhibit
In the case is a deobar-framed map.
The years have not been kind to the faded writing on the map. It is still possible to see where the map indicates areas of conquest marked in a dull brownish-red ink, though the provincial borders do not match the modern day locations. A small copper plaque on the deobar frame reads, "Emperor Hermothius' battle plans for HighHold, ~497 BL."


505 BL Reign of Grathhkep, a S'Kra Mur, begins
500 BL Commander Galen and his followers establish the Stone Clan
498 BL Reign of Hermothius, a Human, begins
497 BL Frustrated with what he calls Imperial stagnation, Hermothius orders simultaneous new attacks on HighHold and the Western Outlands
493 BL"leftpower::" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value -493. Hermothius is killled during a nighttime raid while inspecting his army in the west
493 BL Reign of Theksaal II, a Dwarf, begins