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Reshalia is the largest island in the Qi Archipelago. Formed by the Pivilho Volcano, the island is covered by forests, beaches (such as the Pokekehekepi beachhead that dominates the east end of the island), and agriculturally-productive farmlands. The southern portion of the island is dominated by high cliffs, upon which the largest city of the province, Ratha, is built. Reshalia is due northeast of the Boot.

The island has been the center of S'Kra Mur culture since prehistoric times, ruled by competitive clans that slowly settled the rest of the islands of Qi. Things changed radically with the rise of the legendary Sarkhhl, who initiated a unification campaign in 2139 BL that was completed by 2127 BL. With his success, he was crowned king, founding the line of Rathan kings that would continue until 173 BL. From their power base on Reshalia, the Rathan kings would slowly spread their rule outward through Qi, at their height reigning over Shamilho, Sarasunath, Zhamikhh, Surlaenis, Irasushen, and Pi'Qanah.

Indigenous creatures to this island are:

  1. Rat
  2. Sand sprite
  3. Blueclaw sand crab
  4. Adult razortusk sow
  5. Silver leucro
  6. Adult razortusk boar
  7. Bawdy swain
  8. Merrows
  9. Kra'hei hatchling
  10. Pirate (1)
  11. Ochre la'heke
  12. Pale grey death spirit
  13. Selkie
  14. Skeletal sailor
  15. Spectral pirate
  16. Retan dolomar
  17. Kra'hei
  18. Dobek moruryn
  19. Warklin mauler
  20. Asaren celpeze (1)
  21. Armored warklin
  22. S'sugi malchata
  23. Gale drake
  24. Hurricane drake
  25. Magma cobra