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Status: Dead
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Celestidhl, Avaric, Rili'ki

Keloryon, also known as "Father Keloryon" and "the Father," is a mythical and historical figure from Elven history. He and Mother Celestidhl, his mate, were the first two Elves, created by the gods twelve thousand years before the Victory of Lanival. Keloryon and Celestidhl are the ancestors of all Elves, and they had over twenty children together, the first of whom was Avaric. Keloryon, at five thousand years of age, was killed by Dwarves seven thousand years before the Victory of Lanival, causing Celestidhl to Fade from her grief and causing animosity between the Elves and the Dwarves.

For more information, see The Elven Folk.

GM Evike's Office Door

In the Foyer of the office of GM Evike:

Made of two solid pieces of rich copperleaf wood, each panel has been carved in exquisite detail. The left door depicts representations of Keloryon and Celestidhl standing together over Elanthia spreading their arms wide as if giving their blessing to the planet. The carving on the left door takes a more sinister turn, showing in great detail Sorril stabbing Rivyn in the heart with Kanton's sword, Glisinais.

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts The Father of All Elves encompassed in a halo of pure light.