Faldesu River

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Map: RanikMap14c
Province: Therengia
City: Riverhaven
Downstream Skill: 120
Upstream Skill: 120
Swimming Cap: Unknown

Literally, "Long River" in Gamgweth, its name is actually a misnomer, for the Faldesu is a small river in southern Therengia, stretching only from the Lake Gwenalion east to the Reshal Sea via the Faldesu Delta. Much of the river's banks are heavily forested, but the city of Riverhaven is built near the point where the Faldesu River meets the lake, making the river a critical conduit of trade between Therengia, Zoluren, and Qi. Downstream from Riverhaven, the fabled Throne City also resides on the Faldesu.

The Northern Trade Route leads from The Crossing all the way up to the Faldesu River just opposite of Riverhaven, where two ferries provide passage across the river. The Faldesu River can also be crossed in the swamps near the Blue-Belly Crocodiles provided the swimmer has approximately 120 ranks of Athletics skill.

Maps Along the Faldesu