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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Paladin
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: ferdahl
Relatives: Astrar, Vemrin
Ferdahl that ruled jointly with Astrar. Vemrin was their son.


Timeline (one version)

1990 BL --Ferdahl Queri dies
--Reign of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil begin
1904 BL --Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil die
--Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin begins

Timeline (another version)

-1834 Death of Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew
-1834 Reigns of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil begins
-1758 Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil Die
-1758 Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin the Grayhearted begins

From Elothean Studies

Astrar and Emiil, Consorts of the Gods
Wife and Husband (respectively) who were Empath and Paladin (also respectively). It is said that when Emiil died in battle, Astrar followed him a week later -- some say of a broken heart, and others say it was her overhealing her son's injuries since she longed to follow her husband to the Plane of Unknowing.

Artwork & Items

Painting found on Aesry

[Ger Ilerthan, East Wing]
The painting portrays two Elotheans, a woman and a man wearing heavy plate armor. Surrounded by a lush garden and a large, overhanging tree, the woman sits on a bench with the man's hand resting protectively on her shoulder. A brass plaque has been fastened to the bottom of the frame.
A brass plaque reads:
"Astrar and Emiil, Consorts of the Gods"

A silver lotus medallion bearing the visage of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil

  • The medallion depicts the dyarchic Ferdahls as a supremely wise-looking couple in the classical Elothean style.