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Jares Braun
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Associates: Ponthilas IV

Founder and first Grandmaster of the Moon Mage guild. Called together the sects that signed the Lunar Accord, forming the Moon Mage guild. Elf.

Jares Braun was born the son of a miller in the outlying provinces of the Empire, near the city of Elirach. Orphaned during plague he predicted. Rose to head of Celestial Compact at 21.

At 25, Empress Qoemeth asked the Compact to open a tomb to the west of Darkstone which the War Mages couldn't get into. They did it and recovered some artifacts, the records of which have been lost.

Ponthilas IV's reign was a golden age for Celestial Compact. He comissioned the building of a giant observatory in Throne City. When he died after four years, his successor Saranell II threatened to dismiss them from the Imperial court. In response, Jares called together fifteen magical sects. Six sects sent representatives. The Lunar Accord was signed by Jares Braun, Alicia Crowther (Progeny of Tezirah), the first Kir (Skindancers), Madelle Firejuggler (Fortune's Path), Mizuhari (Crystal Hand), and the Nameless One (Prophets of G'nar Peth).

Not clear how he died, but it was relatively near the time when the Empire fell.

Timeline stuff

  • 637 BL The city of Elirach is hit by a plague
  • 610 BL Jares Braun opens the Phelim Club Orphanage to train students into Phelim's Compact
  • 594 BL Jares Braun appoints advisors to Ponthilas Lucaid (Ponthilas IV)
  • 588 BL The First Magical Congress is called
  • 586 BL
    • The Lunar Accord is signed
    • The Imperial Guild of Moon Mages receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning

Painting from the Riverhaven Guild Hall

Brushstrokes of a master artist define the still form of middle-aged man, poised as if to speak with one hand raised in emphasis, while points of light make his eyes appear to sparkle with fervor. A small gold tag graces the bottom of the frame.
Elegant script reads, "Jares Braun, Lunar Accord Signatory."